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COBOL Interview Questions
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How will 128 be saved in s9 (3) comp-3 How will 12 be saved in s9 (2) comp


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how we rectify soc4 and soc7 error in project(need real time answer)? please reply

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describe 805 error


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hi friends,can any one post the ibm mainframe inteqview questions for 1year exp candidate,for itc infotech interview?. have any body attended for this in the past?...

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what is s000 u4087 error? please give the all error codes in cobol,jcl.


in cobol main pgm is calling sub pgm but sub pgm does not exists , what abend i get if submit the job?


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How to remove the spaces at end of each record in the output file Via COBOL program? note: The file has a VB length


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I am getting S00F abend when i try to compare two variable of different pic class,one variable is of 9(09) and another is S9(09) comp-3. First i moved the data from S9(09) comp-3 to 9(09), but no luck. So i tried to move the data from S9(09) comp-3 to X (09) and move to 9(09). I am getting same error message, Please help me to find solution for this ptoblem. ERROR MESSAGE - "The system or user abend S00F R=NULL was issued."

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what is filler and what is use of filler


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In a COBOL program, 2 tables TABLE1 and TABLE2 are defined that are indexed by INDEX1 and INDEX2 respectively. Can we use INDEX1 with TABLE2 and INDEX2 with TABLE1?

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what is rediffine clause?in what situation it can use?give me real time example?


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what is rediffine clause?in what situation it can use?give me real time example?


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what is subscript in cobol?give realtime example?


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what is sync clause?


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what is search and searchall?what is the diffrence between them?give an best example?


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What is the maximum length of a field you can define using COMP-3 in COBOL?


how do you define single dimensional array and multidimensional array in your cobol?


What are literals?


what is amode(24), amode(31), rmode(24) and rmode(any)?


How to get the last record in vsam file in cluster? And how can you get the kids file records into your cobol program?


) How do u handle errors in BMS macro


What are the rules of the move verb?


I have a program with an Array of 5000 occurences which is being passed from 5 sub levels to the front end screen. Thess 5 programs using each 5*2 = 10 different arrays with size as 5000. This is causing the transaction to utilize more storage consupmtion. I am looking to reduce the storage consumption. As part of that initially i thought Dynamic array may solve my problem. After viewing the comments given i see its same as normal array. IS there any other way we can resolve this issue?


how can i see junk values in dclgen or in hostvariable of comp ?


What is the Purpose of POINTER Phrase in STRING command in COBOL?


How to read the 2nd last record of a VSAM file? (The file size is huge and we don't know the key)


Differentiate cobol and cobol-ii. (Most of our programs are written in cobolii, so, it is good to know, how, this is different from cobol)?


Have you used the sort in your project?for this type of questions any working on real time project give the eg. with real time scenario.


Write a program that uses move corresponding.


Define static linking and dynamic linking.