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COBOL Interview Questions
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when COMP-3 is preferrable?


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whats the disadvantage of search all over search?

Patni, TCS,

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why do u need inspect verb?


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How to open and see copy book ?

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How to read a 100 record from a file through cobol?

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What are the different ways to run a COBOL DB2 program using JCL?

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input:- A 10 20 30 40 B 5 7 10 14 C 8 12 14 16.... output:- A = 100,B=36,C=50. Here spaces are considered between numbers. When we give input as above, the numbers should be added n displayed.So please help me out.

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input:-AABBCCDDEFGHIIJ output:- ABCDEFGHIJ Here in input we hav the duplicate characters i.e repeating characters.SO we should eliminate the duplicate characters and should display the output in ascending order.

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input:- 12233344445555566666... output:- 1=1,2=4,3=9... Here firstno i.e 1 should be displayed and after that the alikeno.s should be added n displayed.i.e 2+2=4 like tat it goeson.

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01 WS-NAME PIC X(10) OCCURES 2. by this we can get ws-name 2 times. My qustion is how can we access the second name


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what is the coding difference between COBOL and CICS.

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In COBOL "BEFORE" advancing is there or not ?

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input= ,,,, mainframe training ,,, hyderabad .... location.... output1=$ mainframe training in hyderabad location$ output2=**** mainframe training in hyderabad location ****. In this pgn when we give input considering the spaces the output is displayed in this format.Like in the place of ,,,, $ should be displayed likewise.So please helpmeout.


how can you identify wheather the program is using search or search all in the cobol program?


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how to code in cobol while using variable block file?

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how do you define single dimensional array and multidimensional array in your cobol?


What are literals?


What the difference is between continue and next sentence?


Can a Search can be done on a table with or without Index?


What are declaratives and what are their uses in cobol?


what is difference between cobol and cobol/400


What are the different types of condition in cobol and write their forms.


i want a program using by if, evaluate , string, unstring, perform, occurs?


What are the different rules for performing sort operation?


Write a cobol program making use of the redefine clause.


What is the Purpose of POINTER Phrase in STRING command in COBOL?


Name the divisions, which are available in a cobol program?


How do you get the data to code the BMS macro?


What is the local-storage section?


Which mode is used to operate the sequential file?