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COBOL Interview Questions
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when COMP-3 is preferrable?


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whats the disadvantage of search all over search?

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why do u need inspect verb?


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How to open and see copy book ?

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How to read a 100 record from a file through cobol?

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What are the different ways to run a COBOL DB2 program using JCL?

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input:- A 10 20 30 40 B 5 7 10 14 C 8 12 14 16.... output:- A = 100,B=36,C=50. Here spaces are considered between numbers. When we give input as above, the numbers should be added n displayed.So please help me out.

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input:-AABBCCDDEFGHIIJ output:- ABCDEFGHIJ Here in input we hav the duplicate characters i.e repeating characters.SO we should eliminate the duplicate characters and should display the output in ascending order.

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input:- 12233344445555566666... output:- 1=1,2=4,3=9... Here firstno i.e 1 should be displayed and after that the alikeno.s should be added n displayed.i.e 2+2=4 like tat it goeson.

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01 WS-NAME PIC X(10) OCCURES 2. by this we can get ws-name 2 times. My qustion is how can we access the second name


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what is the coding difference between COBOL and CICS.

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In COBOL "BEFORE" advancing is there or not ?

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input= ,,,, mainframe training ,,, hyderabad .... location.... output1=$ mainframe training in hyderabad location$ output2=**** mainframe training in hyderabad location ****. In this pgn when we give input considering the spaces the output is displayed in this format.Like in the place of ,,,, $ should be displayed likewise.So please helpmeout.


how can you identify wheather the program is using search or search all in the cobol program?


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how to code in cobol while using variable block file?

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What is the compute verb? How is it used?


How to get the last record in vsam file in cluster? And how can you get the kids file records into your cobol program?


I have File 1 occurs 5 times with Employee-ID,Employee-Name,Employee-Dept (EEE and MECH). I have File 2 occurs 10 times with Employee-ID,Employee-Name,Employee-Dept (EEE,CIVIL,CHEMICAL and MECH). In FIle 1 and FIle 2 , for matching Employee-DEPT (Only MECH) , we need to move entire records from file1 to file 2. We should not use 2D array. Your help is needed here.


here is my requirement A1 is alphanumeric with value 'A1B2C3D4' as defined below 05 A1 PIC X(8) VALUE IS 'A1B2C3D4' but i need to have A2,A3 as ABCD & 1234 repectively...... A2 = ABCD A3 = 1234 Can you please explain me what are the different ways to do it?


Write a cobol program making use of the redefine clause.


Why is it necessary that file needs to be opened in I-O mode for REWRITE?


How can i load all the data from a file to Table (array) in cobol.How i manage the occurs clause with out reading the file.Any options avilable ? Please can any one help me it is urgent?


A table has two indexes defined. Which one will be used by the SEARCH?


Write the code to count the sum of n natural numbers.


Program A (Normal COBBAT) calling a B Program (DB2COBOL, COBBATDB which is using a VSAM file. its a dynamic call. How we will handle VSAM file decleration in our from JCL from where we are running A PGM. And should we have PLAN for A pGM also. if possible can some one post a sample JCL. Thanks for help in advance.


how to move the records from file to array table. give with code example


What is redefines clause in COBOL?


how do you reference the variable block file formats from cobol programs


Which Search verb is equivalent to PERFORM…VARYING?


How to get the last record in vsam file in cluster? And how can you get the ksds file records into your cobol program?