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COBOL Interview Questions
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input 1 input2 ouput1 output2 output 3 1 re 300 1 re 200 1 re 300 3 rc 500 1 re 200 2 rr 400 1 re 300 2 rr 400 1 rc 400 3 rc 500 1 rc 400 2 rr 700 2 rr 700 5 tt 900 5 tt 900 2 inputs r in flat file and output 1 is matched records,ouptput2 is unmatched of input1,output3 is unmatched of input2! how vl u get the output files using sequential order and to check with each and every records! let me know the procedure division ?


How do u initialize an array?


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How do u sort the table for Search ALL? Is it only using ASCENDING KEY IS statement in occurs clause? If the data is input in non ascending order, will the ASC KEY IS automatically sort the data? or will it throw compile time error?


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If i initialize the 01 level variable in array, will it initialize all the array elements (occurs)?


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How do you fetch current date in normal cobol pgm and in cobol-db2 pgm?

Cap Gemini, CTS,

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can we declare s9(9)v9(9) in cobol ? if yes how many bytes it will occupy ?(urgent plz answer it)


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01 xxx pic 9(4). 01 yyy pic 9(6). move 123456 into yyy. move yyy to xxx. display yyy. what would be the value of yyy


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can you please let me know if there is any walkins for COBOL/PLI/DB2/IMS/JCL in pune other than IBM and ITC infotech


01 var1 pic x(10) 01 var2 redefines var1 pic 9(10). then in procedure division move 'abcde' to var1 then waht is the value of var1 and var2


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what are the steps to sort in a cobol program?


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how will you define vsam file in select clause?


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whats the difference between search and search all?


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can you declare redefine in level 01?


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using redefine can you redefine lower variable size to higher variable size?


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if you code move high-values to variable,can you move it into numeric variable or alphanumeric variable?


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What are literals?


What is static and dynamic call in cobol?


Define cobol?


i was faced one question- i have value -00001234.56 Suppress the zeroes and the output should be -1234.56 But Not - 1234.56 spaces should not be available after suppressing the zeroes. logic in jcl and cobol?


) How do u handle errors in BMS macro?


Write down the divisions of cobol program?


How do define dynamic array in cobol. how do you define single dimensional array and multidimensional array in your cobol?


how to refer the data field?


Name some of the examples of COBOl 11?


What are the different types of condition in cobol and write their forms.


How do define dynamic array in cobol.


how can we apply for HSBC exam(Mainframe) in India??? i went to their site and was told to submit my CV ,. etc..( totally confusing...)


What is the default value(s) for an initialize and what keyword allows for an override of the default?


What are various search techniques in cobol? Explain.


Difference between cobol and cobol-ii?