JavaScript Interview Questions
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What looping structures are there in JavaScript?


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How do you create a new object in JavaScript?


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How do you assign object properties?


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What is a way to append a value to an array?


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What is this keyword?

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What is the difference between java and java script?

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How to prevent a window not to be clicked or selected any way in java script?


What are the methods of validating whether the form is secure?

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Write sample code for pagination using java script.

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What is the main difference between Client side JavaScript and and Server side Java Script?


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How to add a combo box dynamically at run time in Java script?

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How to go next field without filling the text? Which function should we use?

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Explain about session? Where it runs & what are different types of session handling?

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We are facing problem with the compatibilty of IE 7 and IE 6.We are calling a showModal window that is working fine in IE6 but with IE7 it opens a new Window and Data is not getting poputaled.In some pages it Gives an error "The webpage you are viewing is trying to Close the window.Do you want to close this window".

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Give code Email Checking

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How to create scale in P info


In Java coding we will write a public static void main()? Why won't we write as a static public void main()


hi i want validations for two drop down lists. when user enter to second list by skipping first list alert box should appear. drop down validation Please choose an item from the drop down menu:

Choose a username:
Choose a username:
please any body help me thanks


How to change video files randomly after completing its execution in Javascript?


What output will this program produce System.out.println(x+"+"+y+"="+(x+));


How to test 404 page in QA


The below script is working Internet browser but not working in mozilla plz find that good way... function doSubmit(op){ var rowcount=document.getElementsByName ("parameterTypeId").length; var parameterGrade; var performance; var goal; if(op == "save"){ for (var i=0; i < rowcount; i++) { var param=eval("document.forms [0].parameterGrade"+i); if(param.value != "select"){ return true; } } alert("Please rate atleast one attribute"); return false; }//if ends here


how to use java script


how can we retrieve value from one database server and store them another database server using sql server code


what is the different between html and java?why the java is required in internet?


what is lazy fetching in hibernate


How can we establish connection with java and sql server?


wap to accept an int array frm the user and print the lucky nos.


what is a code in vb amount display in words


Are there any iphone Institutes which also train iphone automation testing in Hyderabad?