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JavaScript Interview Questions
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I am working on project in in which i have opned doc file on client side.plz send me coding on



What is the use of a form in html page? Is there any way to submit the page without using the form.

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what is runnable interface

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where we use javascript and for which purpose we use javascript how?

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can any one tell me the syllebus for java certification

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Hi Friends, I am new to java, please provide some use full docs, and where can i get basic Java script docs... thanx in advance

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Advantages & Disadvavtages of Java Script? Advantages & Disadvantages of CGI Scripting? Structure of Java Script? Commands of Java Script? HTML Basic Reviews?

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find the common prime divisors of two given numbers


disbable back option by java script


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I have a report which has id as hyperlink.when i click the id it should move to next report which displays the corresponding details.tell me how to get the value of hyperlink(which id is clicked) dynamically using javascript? so that i can make condition on my second report?

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How to port a GUI application onto Web



hi iM questions is my project is a web based & developed using java,jsp. when i record it using qtp what script i will get like either browser("jdfjkf").page("nkf").... or javawindow("f d ").javaedit("Dasf").... plz clarify my doubt asap and i also need some vbscipt of java coding?


if the two text boxes are there i want assign the vales like 2&3 and if i select button means i want find the sum.this is client side scripting in javascript


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The below script is working Internet browser but not working in mozilla plz find that good way... function doSubmit(op){ var rowcount=document.getElementsByName ("parameterTypeId").length; var parameterGrade; var performance; var goal; if(op == "save"){ for (var i=0; i < rowcount; i++) { var param=eval("document.forms [0].parameterGrade"+i); if(param.value != "select"){ return true; } } alert("Please rate atleast one attribute"); return false; }//if ends here


Write a javascript program to make a simple calculator

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What is strict mode?


Name some of the Javascript frameworks?


How to create the namespace in javascript?


how to validate the date(dd/mm/yyyy)using regular expression in javascript? It should also satisfy the leap year feb 29 problem. Please help me.


Which built-in method returns the calling string value converted to upper case?


What is external javascript?


How do you include a comment in javascript?


What is an Event Bubbling in Javascript?


What is primitive data type in javascript?


Is Exception handling possible in Javascript?


Explain javascript debounce function?


How to associate functions with objects using javascript?


Can javascript code be broken in different lines?


Is python better than javascript?


Does apple use javascript?