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Micro Strategy Interview Questions
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what is view filter

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Hi..every one please tel me the answer for my question, how many project sources we can create in Metadata?

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What is Element cache and give me one example?

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How we can create the Intelligent cubes in Microstrategy?

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How can we use consolidations in microstrategy report

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1.Have u logical models in project? If s which logical model used? do u connect to production server? 3. how do u test the data in report is same as in DWH? 4. u created one report but there is no data in the attribute. But how can u extract the data from ware house? 5. u have two tables having different ids how do u merge those table in MSTR? 6. have u faced challenging situation in u r project? Give me one example?


hi,can you please share with me about,what is reportlimit,report order and how can create and use


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hi,can you share with me about,what is prompt order,how it uses and how it creates

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In document how to create metrics?Explain


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what is the difference b/w the public object&schema object


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what is the difference between documents and dashboards in mstr?


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I want to learn Microstrategy Tool...Can you help me to find best coaching center for Microstategy..please send details to Thanks and Regards, Uma

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I am in chennai.I need Micro strategy ,Informatca & BO cd (not orginal)Please where get that.I really this badly. Regards, Raji

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metric filter and report have a another filter which is highest priority ? why?

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what is subqueary and what is temporary tables?


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Explain about compound key?


Is it possible to limit the number of reports run by a users at a time? How? What will happen if this limit is exceeded?


What is static prompt in microstrategy?


What is percent-to-total shortcut metric in microstrategy?


Explain snowflake schema?


While establishing relationship between attributes how do you decide which attribute qualifies as child and which one as parent?


Explain clustering?


How would you configure wh authentication?


If your client wanted to customize the null value, how would you do that?


What is a logical size of a table and what does it depend on?


What is level prompt?


Explain transformations?


Explain object variable error?


What is fact extension?


What specific features and functionality do I get with olap services?