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SAS Interview Questions
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How would you determine how far down on a page you have printed in order to print out footnotes?

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How would you include common or reuse to be processed along with your statements?


Why is a STOP statement needed for the point=option on a SET statement?


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How would you remove a format that has been permanently associated with a variables?

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Briefly describe 5 ways to do a "table lookup" in sas.


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If you were told to create many records from one record show how you would do this using arrays and with PROC TRANSPOSE?

HCL, Quintiles,

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How can you put a "trace" in your program?


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Are you sensitive to code walk-throughs peer review or QC review?



What other SAS features do you use for error trapping and data validation?

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What has been your most common programming mistake?


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Which date functions advances a date time or date/time value by agiven interval?

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How would you keep from overlaying the a SAS set with its sorted version?

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Explain the message 'Merge has one or more datasets with repeats of by variables'.

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How would you generate 1000 observations from a normal distribution with a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 20. How would you use PROC CHART to look at the distribution? Describe the shape of the distribution.

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How do you generate random samples?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

If money were no object, what would you like to do?


Do we follow ADAM in analysis dataset development?How? Usually which version? Why is it necessary?


Mention sas system options to debug sas macros.


How might you use MOD and INT on numeric to mimic SUBSTR on character Strings?


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To what type of programms have you used scratch macros?


Mention the category in which sas informats are placed?


how sas deals with business intelligence? : Sas-bi


hi tell be about pfizer? how to compare the work with other companies ? please tell me how to login and work also?


what are the types of interactive display types? : Sas-bi


Describe a time when you were really stuck on a problem and how you solved it?


explain about data integrator metadata reports? : Sas-di


I have 3 years of work experience at a startup and recently got certified in Data Science with SAS. I need to know how to get into the analytics industry


What is the difference between where and if statement?


how does sas handle missing values in assignment statements? : Sas programming