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SAS Interview Questions
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What is the registered Key word is sas????


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What is difference between N and n????


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When you will use nowd option in report???


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diff between nodup rec and ondup key???

AON, Sciformix,

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What is the difference Using & and && in the macro variables


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Dear all, proc means data=dsn noprint completetypes; class trtmntgroup /preloadfmt; output out=tot n=n; format trtmntgroup trtf. ; by vstgrp descending severity; run; This is the code I used for AE table. I got the values without giving the variable ‘trtmntgroup(numeric)’ in var statement. And if I give the var statement for that variable i’m getting the same values.How is that possible? What is the difference between class and var statement? Could any one explain me how does proc means work at the back end. And what is the difference between _freq_ value and N value in proc means. Thanks and regards, Rajesh.

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What is the difference between proportion and average?



you have a data set like this. data qqq; input name $ total; cards; qq 22 ww 33 qq 22 ee 44 rr 33 ww 44 ; run; and you want output like this......... name total qq 22 ww 44 Do it by data set step.

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how to read raw data in sas. Do it manually and throw the programming.


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Hi All.I am looking for Good Institute who could Provide the online SAS BI+DI Training along with software.Primarily in Delhi/NCR or in Hyderabad Please help with name and contact number of concerned person!! Thanks in Advance! :)

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create macros---you have 365 number of data and you need to merge it throw the macros,,,,,, data file1; input a @@; cards; 1 2 3 4 ; run; data file2; input a @@; cards; 5 6 7 8 ; run; data file3; input a @@; cards; 9 10 11 12 ; run;data file4; input a @@; cards; 13 14 15 16 ; run;


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if you have 365 no of data set and each one having different variable from each other. how will you read by creating macros and create a single data set.

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Hi Jeevan/Akshara I have tried to contact SASI Vats for latest Advanced SAS Programming Certification Dumps (A00-212) but have not got any response. I would highly and gratefully appreciate your assistance in this regard. If you guys have access to this, would you be kind enough to forward it to me ? I would abide by all the terms you have for this. Please, note my email id: Preti Sharma


how to know the attributes of first five datasets in a library

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i have one dataset data l; input name: $ 25; cards; manoj is a good boy to krishna krishna is a god boy to malli malli is good boy to ramana ques: here i want "manoj" observations nubers


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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

Mention what are the data types does SAS contain?


What are the statements that are executed only?


I have a SCD Type 2 Dimention for Location In which A Sales Office in Having two Surrogate Keys just because of the change in it's Sales Group. SKey SalesGroup Sales Office BeginDate EndDate 280 SG1 SO1 01APR2000 01APR2010 281 SG2 SO1 02APR2010 31MAR2999 Now while loading the Fact, the Lookup ir returning SKey 280 for records before and after 01APR2010. I am not able to give WHERE condition in the Lookup Properties (TranDate between BeginDate and EndDate). Please help.


How to create a permanent sas data set?


What system options would you use to help debug a macro? : sas-macro


What are the best sas programming practices for handling very large datasets? : sas-grid-administration


Explain how you can debug and test your SAS program?


What can you learn from the SAS log when debugging?


How do you debug and test your SAS programs?


what is the limit of the number of the rows and columns available in the worksheet? : Sas-bi


How you are maintaining sas programmes in your company...any specific version control software you are using? If so, tell me the name?


State the difference between INFORMAT and FORMAT ?


what do the sas log messages "numeric values have been converted to character" mean? : Sas programming


What is the use of function Proc summary?


how does sas handle missing values in procs? : Sas programming