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Data Stage Interview Questions
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What are the environmental settings for data stage,while working on parellel jobs?


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Hai..,This is Kiran M. What is D/B Change Capture stage and Difference stage?

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Hai..,This Kiran . how to immlement SCD's through sequential file.please explain briefly.if nt ask me i will explain ,what i know.

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how to design the change capture stage in(data stage parallel jobs) type 2


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I am defining one varaible parameter date in job parameters.I want use this variable date in where clause in source query.


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where we use column generator stage in real time scenario?


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How can we move a DATASTAGE JOB from Development to Testing environment with the help of a datastage job using unix commands.

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when we will use connected Lookup & Unconnected Lookup


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which cache supports connected & un connected Lookup


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can we use sequential file as a lookup

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hi, 1)totally how many jobs created in ur project 2)what is ur datamart size & Dwh size 3)How secure ur project 4)could u plz tell be about testing process after complete the job will run sucessfully or not in Datastage


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what is Audit table?Have u use audit table in ur project?

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how to clear the source file? 2) diff b/t odbc & Oracle?what is node? 3) explain one complex job u face in ur project


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How much data u can get every day? 2)which data ur project contains? 3) what is the source in ur project?what is the biggest table & size in ur schema or in ur project?


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In Informatica,for the table I can find coreesponding dependent mappings.Likewise can I find the dependent jobs with all the information by using the table name



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Un-Answered Questions { Data Stage }

What is difference between server jobs & parallel jobs?


What are the main features of datastage?


What are sequencers?


In work load management there are three options of Low priority, Medium priority and High Priority Jobs which can be used for resource management. why this feature is developed when there is already jobs prescheduled by scheduler or autosys. what will be the use of workload management then?


What is the purpose of pivot stage and types of containers in datastage


describe the Steps to confiure a Qlogic switch


tell me 5 situations when we r using oracle db stages like orecle connector, oracle enterprise


Difference between in process and inter process?


Can you implement SCD2 using join, transformer and funnel stage?


How to clean the datastage repository?


What are datastage sequences?


I/p : F1 table have A,B,C,D,E and F2 table having C,E,V i need output 0utput1: ABD output2: V any one suggest me this


What is the flow of loading data into fact & dimensional tables?


Have you used Unstructured data?


What is use Array size in datastage