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Data Stage Interview Questions
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it is possible to load two tables data into one sequential file?if possible how?plz share with me?


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how to handle null values in sequential file?


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how to handle null values using transformer stage?

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how can u handle null values in transformer stage.

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What r the existing server jobs in parallalism?

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1.what is materialized data? to view the materialized data?



i have source data like empno,enmae 11 ,aa 12 ,bb i want output like empno,ename 11 ,aa 12 ,bb 11 ,aa 12 ,bb


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i have source like deptno,sal 1,2000 2,3000 3,4000 1,2300 4,5000 5,1100 i want target like target1 deptno,sal 1,2000 3,4000 4,5000 target2 2,3000 1,2300 5,1100 with out using transformerstage

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i have source like balance,drawtime 20000, 8.30 50000,10.20 3000,4.00 i want target like this balance,drawtime 20000, 20.30 50000,22.20 3000,16.00

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what is the main difference between sorragate key n primary key in one word

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specify data stage strength?

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Hi friends, I am new to datastage, i have one query in datastage any one you please give reply to my post. I have a workbook (excel sheet) named as eg: xxxx, in that i have two tables emp(eid, ename, salary, deptno) and dep(deptno, name, state). in my source i have ODBC enterprise stage read the emp table and dept table join the two table and write the dept no 10(eid,ename,salary,name,state) values in target(). Thanks, Badari


what is mapping lookup

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what is the diff b/w switch and filter stage in datastage

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how to cleansing data

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1)s.key generate 1 to 700 records today. tomorrow another 400 will updated how to update the records using s.key generator? 2)source is like :-- DB --> T/F stage1 --> seq1file T/f 1 is linking with T/F2 ---> seq 2 how to load the data? in source i given some conditions those r going in seq1. The another data will going to seq2 how to do this ?


Distinguish between informatica & datastage. Which one would you choose and why?


Can we use target hash file as a lookup ?


Why do we use exception activity in Datastage?


What are the main features of datastage?


What could be a data source system?


What is difference between symmetric multiprocessing and massive parallel processing?


If we take 2 tables(like emp and dept),we use join stage and how to improve the performance?


Which commands are used to import and export the datastage jobs?


Describe the architecture of datastage?


Why we use surrogate key?


How do you reject records in a transformer?


What is Ad-Hoc access? What is the difference between Managed Query and Ad-Hoc access?


To see hidden files in LINIX?


Which is the best institute in Hyderabad to learn OBIEE and DataStage?Please tell me faculty name also