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Informatica Interview Questions
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Did u used latest transformations of 8.6.0? for what?


When i run workflow first session runs 4 times 5th time 2nd session must run? How can u do?

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what is semi-additive fact?where did u used?

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I am using mapping variable, when i am running a session,before it has 10000 records, after completion of session what about value of mapping variable?

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In dimension and fact table? which one holds big data?

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my table contain duplicate Records i wanna load uniq records to my table . i have to pass the uniq records through filter t/r how?


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Any one tell me some 5 session failure in real time?And why problem occur how to solve the issues?


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we have 20 records in source system, when we run for the 1st time, it should load only 10 records into the target, when you run for the second time it should load another 10 record which are not loaded. How do we do that? Can we write a SQL query in source qualifier to do it. This q' is asked in one f the interviews. Please let me know if anyone knows. Thanks


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i have a session which creates a file every time when i runs the session, but it replaces the first file with second file,i want to append the second file follwed by first file when i runs the session,how to achieve this?

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in my source i have 100 records, and 3 targets, i want to load 1st record into 1st target,2nd record into 2nd target,3rd record into 3rd target again 4th target into 1st target and vice versa,how to achieve this?

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can we import source table without using source qualifier? if yes then how? if no then why?

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in my source table i want to delete first and last records and load in between records into target? how can it possible?

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i have 1000 records in my dource table, the same i have in target ,but a new column added in target as "batchno", and this column adds no 10 for 1st 100 records and 20 for next 100 records and 30 next 100 records and vice versa. how to acheive this?

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in my lookup table i want to catch the recently updated records from the source to target,how to achieve this and what is last commit interval point for this?

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What do you understand by SOA of Informatica?


What is joiner change?


which one is better performance wise joiner or look up


Hi all , I am planning for informatica S - PowerCenter 8 Mapping Design certification. I have rewuired the dumps for the same. if anyone of you having the same pl. share it with me. This will be of great help. My contact is : TIA , Sagar


What is the meaning of up gradation of repository?


What is a router transformation?




What is the main purpose of Unconnected lookup other than updating slowly changing dimensions? or In which case u use Unconnected lookup?


How we can create indexes after completing the loan process?


what are 3 tech challenges/ common issues you face?


What are the performance considerations when working with aggregator transformation?


What are the components of Informatica? And what is the purpose of each?


What is the command used to run a batch?


What is workflow? What are the components of workflow manager?


Source and Target are flat files, Source table is as below ID,NAME 1,X 1,X 2,Y 2,Y On Target flat file i want the data to be loaded as mentioned below ID,NAME,REPEAT 1,X,2 1,X,2 2,Y,2 2,Y,2 How to achieve this, Can i get a map structure