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Informatica Interview Questions
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From where you extract the data, how you did it into informatica? explain....

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What are your source in project and how you import in informatica? How can i explain abt this?

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What are events in workflow manager?

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Enterprise data warehouse your projects phase by phase explain?

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If the source has duplicate records as id and name columns, values: 1 a, 1 b, 1 c, 2 a, 2 b, the target should be loaded as 1 a+b+c or 1 a||b||c, what transformations should be used for this?

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How do schedule a workflow in Informatica thrice in a day? Like run the workflow at 3am, 5am and 4pm?

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What is Test load plan? Let us assume 10 records in source, how many rows will be loaded into target?

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How to add source flat file header into target file?

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What are the challenges you have faced in your Project (DWH- ETL)? Explain with example?



How to display session logs based upon particular dates. If I want to display session logs for 1 week from a particular date how can I do it without using unix.


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Does Facttable Normalized or Denormalized?


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source target --------- -------- name no sal name no sal max_sal r 10 1000 r 10 1000 3000 y 20 3000 y 20 3000 3000

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Informatica and datawarehousing courses in Pune?

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I have Flat file like the data, sal have 10,000. I want to load the data in the same format as sal as 10,000. Can anybody know the answer means please mail me. Thanks in advance.. My mail id is

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There are 2 files, Master and User. We need to compare 2 files and prepare a output log file which lists out missing Rolename for each UserName between Master and User file. Please find the sample data- MASTER.csv ---------- Org|Tmp_UsrID|ShortMark|Rolename ---|---------|----------|------------ AUS|0_ABC_PW |ABC PW |ABC Admin PW AUS|0_ABC_PW |ABC PW |MT Deny all GBR|0_EDT_SEC|CR Edit |Editor GBR|0_EDT_SEC|CR Edit |SEC MT103 GBR|0_EDT_SEC|CR Edit |AB User USER.csv -------- Org|UserName|ShortMark|Rolename ---|--------|---------|------------ AUS|charls |ABC PW |ABC Admin PW AUS|amudha |ABC PW |MT Deny all GBR|sandya |CR Edit |Editor GBR|sandya |CR Edit |SEC MT103 GBR|sandya |CR Edit |AB User GBR|sarkar |CR Edit |Editor GBR|sarkar |CR Edit |SEC MT103 Required Output file: --------------------- Org|Tmp_UsrID|UserName|Rolename |Code ---|---------|--------|------------|-------- AUS|0_ABC_PW |charls |ABC Admin PW|MATCH AUS|0_ABC_PW |charls |MT Deny all |MISSING AUS|0_ABC_PW |amudha |ABC Admin PW|MISSING AUS|0_ABC_PW |amudha |MT Deny all |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sandya |Editor |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sandya |SEC MT103 |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sandya |AB User |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sarkar |Editor |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sarkar |SEC MT103 |MATCH GBR|0_EDT_SEC|sarkar |AB User |MISSING Both the files are mapped through Organization, Shor_mark. So, based on each Organization, Short_Mark, for each UserName from User.csv, we need to find the Matching and Missing Rolename. I am able to bring Matching records in the output. But really I don't find any concept or logic to achieve "MISSING" records which are present in Master and not in User.csv for each UserName. Please help out guys. Let me know if you need any more information. Note:- In User.csv file, there are n number of Organization, under which n number Shortmark comes which has n number of UserName.


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CANNOT USE PARAMETER FILE! Hi all, I am trying to use parameter file for my workflow. This could help me to filter records where CITY = 'Portland' Following is what I have done: **in Designer - create new parameter : $$PARA_FIL, Parameter, String, IsExprVar=TRUE, Initial value = [empty] - Source Qualifier/ Properties/Source Filter: CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL' **Create Parameter file: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt $$PARA_FIL='Portland' **Configure workflow to use the parameter file: Edit Workflow/Properties/Parameter Filename: C:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 \server\infa_shared\BWParam\DynamicParamTest.txt I also configured directory of parameter file for session task. However, I just got this in the session log: [SQ_CUSTOMERS] SQL Query [SELECT CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMER_ID FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE CUSTOMERS.CITY='$$PARA_FIL'] No record has been loaded to target. It seems that the parameter file has not been read. I cannot understand the reason why. Could any of you kindly suggest me anything? Thanks


What are the performance considerations when working with aggregator transformation?


What are the popular informatica products?


Whats there in global repository


What is a connected transformation?


Under which circumstances, informatica server creates reject files?


What are the modules in Power Center


 Informatica Checkpoints


What is the command used to run a batch?


What is the advantage of informatica?


What are the differences between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?


Explain sessions. Explain how batches are used to combine executions?


How to go to the older version for a mapping?


Explain the different kinds of facts.


How to extract sap data using informatica? What is abap? What are idocs?