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Informatica Interview Questions
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what are the challenge face in u r project?explain me

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write a sql query following source? subject mark maths 30 science 20 social 80 requird output maths science social 30 20 80


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In CSV flat file date are in the following format. dd/mm/yyyy (05/01/2005)and d/m/yyyy (5/1/2005) and dd/m/yyyy (05/1/2005) and d/mm/yyyy (5/01/2005). It should be load to target in a unique format. How will you implement this?

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how remove 1st 3 records & last 3 records in informatics


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write a query to follwoing table amount year quarter 254556 2003 first 546332 2003 second 129034 2003 third 490223 2003 fourth 165768 2004 first 265443 2004 second 510412 2004 third 435690 2004 fourth i want the output year q1_amount q2_amount q3_amount q4_amount 2003 254556 546332 129034 490223 2004 165768 265443 510412 435690


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write a query following table bookid language 1234 english 1234 french 1234 spanish 1235 english i want the output are bookid lang1 lang2 lang3 1234 english french spanish 1235 english null null


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If we have a two tables A & B A contain 10 records,B contain 20 records,what w'll b the o/p if we perform normal join,Master outer join,Detail outer join and Full Outer join how?


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Which is better performance wise database or file?How?


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Dovelopment work (mapings,workflows)and unit testing also done in informatica ,then wt we do ? pls give me detail?

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How u use pdf file in informatica source?

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What is joiner cache?


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What is use of batch file in informatica? How many types of batch file in informatica?


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In what scenario we use to improve session performance by pushdown optimization?can any one give example?

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Can anyone guide me the steps to install informatica PC 8.5.1 with database as oracle

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How can i send first half of the records to one target and Remaining to other target?


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5. Consider the following products data which contain duplicate rows. A B C C B D B Q1. Design a mapping to load all unique products in one table and the duplicate rows in another table. The first table should contain the following output A D The second target should contain the following output B B B C C


What are the transformations that are not supported in mapplet?


What is event and what are the tasks related to it?


What is the advantage of informatica?


What is a dimensional model?


What is the function of look up transformation?


What is a standalone command task?


Can we use procedural logic inside infromatica? If yes how, if now how can we use external procedural logic in informatica?


What is the difference between informatica 7.0 and 8.0?


hi friends .i designed mapping in windows but i want to run mapping in linux.should i install the server components in linux?


Can you use flat files in Mapplets.


difference between repository database and repository service?


What are mapplets? How is it different from a Reusable Transformation?


What are the tasks that source qualifier perform?


Tell me any other tools for scheduling purpose other than workflow manager pmcmd?