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Informatica Interview Questions
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hi all when i am creating repository contents i am getting this error and not able to create contents please let me know wht may be the problem ORA-01031: insufficient privileges Database driver error... Function Name : executeDirect SQL Stmt : CREATE VIEW REP_DATABASE_DEFS AS SELECT DISTINCT DBDNAM DATABASE_NAME, SRCNAM DEF_SOURCE, SUBJ_NAME SUBJECT_AREA, NULL VERSION_ID, OPB_DBD.VERSION_NUMBER DATABASE_VERSION_NUMBER FROM OPB_DBD, OPB_SUBJECT, OPB_SRC WHERE OPB_DBD.SUBJ_ID = OPB_SUBJECT.SUBJ_ID AND OPB_SRC.DBDID = OPB_DBD.DBDID AND OPB_SRC.VERSION_NUMBER = OPB_DBD.VERSION_NUMBER AND OPB_SRC.IS_VISIBLE = 1 Oracle Fatal Error Database driver error... Function Name : ExecuteDirect Oracle Fatal Error Error occurred while creating the repository An error has occurred while creating contents. Dropping repository tables... Create Contents operation on repository [reposerv] ended at 01/02/2009 13:02:48. Elapsed time is 0:00:09.

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What is Story point Estimation ? Can any one give just an introduction about this ? Advance Thanks


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Hi Everybody, I have one fixed width file as source and 4 oracle tables (relational) as target. What are the Unit test cases i need to implement ? 1.Using TextPad software i tested postion of the field 2.As per specification i tested like whether it is correctly mapped or not? Is there any other test case do i need to implement. If possible can any one give me the test cases Advance Thanks

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Hi, As shown below i have repositories under that some folder are there . Between these repositories and folder some thing is there.I want to know what is that? repositories repo1 repo2 repo3 IS_## IS_## IS_## Folder1 Folder2 Folder3 - - - Here i want to what IS_## represents ? Advance Thanks


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Suppose on 1st Nov 2010 you had created a mapping which includes huge aggregator calculations and it is under process for next two days. You will notice that even on 3rd day also its still calculating. So without changing a logic or changing a mapping How will you troubleshot or to run that mapping? Explain the steps


define galaxy repository in informatica


when i try to connect to the repository server i am getting this message can someone help me.. Starting Repository [infa_rep] (6016|1292) Informatica Repository Agent, version [7.1.1], build [0811], 32-bit. (6016|1292) Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Informatica Corporation. All Rights Reserved. This Software is protected by U.S. Patent Numbers 6,208,990; 6,044,374; 6,014,670; 6,032,158; 5,794,246; 6,339,775 and other U.S. Patents Pending. (6016|1292) Informatica Repository Agent starting up. (6016|1292) Security audit trail has been turned off. (6016|1292) infa_rep: Repository runtime manager initialized. (6016|1292) infa_rep: Initialized configuration information. (6016|1292) infa_rep: Initialized request dispatcher. (6016|1292) Database Connection Error : Failed to logon to Database server ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name Database driver error... Function Name : Connect Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [] and connection string []. (6016|1292) Service stopped.

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my source is a comma delimited flatfile as eno, ename, sal 111,sri,ram,kumar,1000 and my target should be eno ename sal 111 sri ram kumar 1000 i.e; we need to eliminate the commas in between the data of a comma delimited file.


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have you developed documents in your project? and what documents we develop in realtime?


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to improve the performance of aggregator we use sorted input option and use sorter t/r befor aggregator. But here we are increasing one more cache in our mapping i.e; sorter. So how can u convince that you are increasing the performance.?


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I HAVE 10 records in source. I want to store i record in target 1, second record in target 2, third record in target 3, 4 th record again in target 11, 5th again in target 2, 6th again in target3 etc.... how it is possible?


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suppose we will take flatfile target and load type is bulkload the session fails why please give me the answer


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suppose my source is 101 a 1o1 b 101 c 101 d i want target like that 101 abcd how will u achive this please give me the answer


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suppose i have source 101 a 101 b 101 c 101 d i want target like 101 abcd how will u achive this please give me the answer

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Explain in detail about scd type 1 through mapping.


What is a stored procedure transformation?


Explain scd type 3 through mapping.


How do you remove duplicate records in informatica?


How do you remove duplicate records in informatica? And how many ways are there to do it?


How can we store previous session logs?


how can we find the bottle neck in SQL Query in SOURCE QUALIFIER, and how can we tune it..?


generate date / time dimension in informatica


What is the main purpose of Unconnected lookup other than updating slowly changing dimensions? or In which case u use Unconnected lookup?


How can we update a record in the target table without using update strategy?


Enlist few areas or real-time situations where informatica is required.


What is the benefit of session partitioning?


If the source has duplicate records as id and name columns, values: 1 a, 1 b, 1 c, 2 a, 2 b, the target should be loaded as 1 a+b+c or 1 a||b||c, what transformations should be used for this?


What are the different options available for update strategy?


While importing the relational source definition from the database, what are the metadata of source that will be imported?