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Informatica Interview Questions
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Explain the flow of data in Iinformatica?

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What are the new features of informatica 7.1?

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What are teh different tasks that can be created in workflow manager?


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What is the functionality of update strategy?

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Name 4 output files that informatica server creates during session running?

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How can we join the tables if they don't have primary and foreign key relationship and no matching port?

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What are limitations of joiner transformation?

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can we generate reports in informatica ? How?

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If we have lookup table in workflow how do you trouble shhot to increase performance?

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How can we eliminate duplicate rows from flatfile,explain?

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After dragging the ports of 3 sources sqlserver,oracle,informix to single source qualiofier can we map these ports directly to target and how?

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AT the max how many transformations and mapplets can we use in a mapping ?

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What are slowly changing dimensions?

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What is the difference between OLTP and ODS?

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What is status code?

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How we can confirm all mappings in the repository simultaneously?


How do you use reject loader.


Is stop and abort are same in informatica?


Explain direct and indirect flat file loading (source file type) - informatica


How to improve the performance of a session using sorter transformation?


In which scenario did u used Mapping variable?


What is joiner transformation?


How can one identify whether mapping is correct or not without connecting session?


is there any way to read the ms excel datas directly into informatica?like is there any possibilities to take excel file as target?


What are the components of Informatica? And what is the purpose of each?


Performance tuning in UNIX for informatica mappings?


What is an expression transformation in informatica?


How to create the source and target database connections in server manager?


Explain the features of connected and unconnected lookup.


What is aggregate cache in aggregator transformation?