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Informatica Interview Questions
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How informatica recognizes mapping?


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Is snow flake or star schema used? If star schema means why?

CTS, Sonata,

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I have data like sno mailid 1 2 3 .. ..... like this for N no.of how we will send a message 'meet hr' at a time in windows environment by the informatica..


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how to read data from website into informatica? plsss send answers ASAP thanks in advance.


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i hav a scenario like this i want load data from source to target as follows frist it counts the num of deptno and display with that with count and how many times it reapts along with all the records in source

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how can we convert a column into row in informatica? Eg: INPUT- a x Output Like: a b c b y x y z c z


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get me output as if input is like 1 x o/p-->1 x,y,z 1 y 2 a,b 1 z 3 c 2 a 2 b 3 c



get me the resultant input:- 1 x,y,z output:- 1 x 2 a,b 1 y 3 c 1 z 2 a 2 b 3 c


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1.what is SDLC of a project,explain in detail? 2.what are dimensions,facts?what is confirmed dimensions? 3.what is the need of OLTP? when we have datawarehousing?


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what is index?how it can work in informatica


how can send duplicate records to one tableand non duplicate records to one table with simple clear mapping?


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I am hvaing SOURCE as 1000,null,null,null null,2000,null,null null,null,3000,null null,null,null,4000 Now i want the OUTPUT as 1000,2000,3000,4000 For more clarification i want to elimate nulls and want in a single line. Please help me out


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I am hvaing SOURCE as first line: 1000,null,null,null second line as:null,2000,null,null 3rd line as :null,null,3000,null and final line as: null,null,null,4000 ............................Now i want the OUTPUT as 1000,2000,3000,4000 For more clarification i want to elimate nulls and want in a single line. Please help me out


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What is log file,and where is it located,why u r using the log file


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what type of transformation is not supported by mapplets?


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What does cheating measurement mean?


While importing the relational source definition from the database, what are the metadata of source that will be imported?


What is meant by target load plan?


Explain the aggregator transformation?


1. When u r checking out what ll happens for version no? a. Increase b. decrease c.reset to 0 d. reset to 1 e. no change 2. Salary of all employees needed to add with the commision. What transfrmation to be used? a. SQ and Expression b. SQ c. Update Strategy d. Expression 3. Which of the task is used to run a session based on success of the other session? a. Decision b. Event wait c. Email d. Command e. None 4. Types of sources in Informatica? a. Homogenous n Heterogenous b. None c. Cobol n XML d. Flat files e. Flat files and Homogenous n Heterogenous 5. Servers are available in informatica? a. Informatica Server and Workflow server b. Informatica Server and Informatica Repository Server c. Informatica Server d. Workflow server e. Informatica Repository Server 6. While using Pmcmd in cmd line mode, each command must include the connection info of which of the following? a. workflow manager b. Power Center server c. Workflow monitor d. Repository manager e. Designer 7. Workflow montior displays workflows that have run a. once b. twice c. never d.four times e. thrice 8. Mode for handling sessions n workflows? a. server mode b. Wait mode c. Command line mode d. User mode e. Interactive mode 9. Connection details configured in? a. Mapping designer b. Workflow manager c. Workflow monitor d. Repository manager e. Worklet designer Thanks in Advance


How identifying bottlenecks in various components of informatica and resolving them?


What will be the approach?


How to convert a row into column and a column into rows? Name all DTM threads. What all threads stop when we issue STOP or ABORT? How to pass the value of a data(variable kind of) from one session ( generated in mapping) to another session in the same workflow... What are the tyoes of partitioning you know and how to apply them in real time ... Can partitioning be applied to expression transformation and how


what is persistent lookup cahce?how to use and when to use this persistent lookup cahce?explain?


What are mapplets?


If i have source as flat file. how can i store the header and trilor into one target and data into one more target. |------>target1(header+trailor) source------ |------>target2(data) can any one please help me


What are the tuning techniques you applied during your last project


What are the components of workflow manager?


What is the difference between source qualifier transformations source filter to filter transformation?


SOURCE DATA IS DISPLAY IN THIS FORMATE IN TARGET . WHAT BUSINESS LOGIC WE CAN APPLY. source table target table ------------ ------------ c1 c2 c3 c1 c2 c3 -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 A J 1 2 B K 2 A 3 C L 3 B J 4 D M 4 C K 5 E N 5 E L F M N