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Informatica Interview Questions
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Plz..let me know differences between Informatica 7.1 and 8.1?

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how can we load 365 flat file to a single fact table (target) as a history load in single mapping?

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Hi All, I've 110 records in my table but 101 records contains an error. When I run the session, I want to load the 100 records into the target. Can anyone suggest me the best solution for this... Thanks in Advance,

Tech Mahindra,

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I've an excel sheet, in which one column contains data about the location like "City, State" and few columns contains only "State". Now I wanna load into my target City and State into two different columns. Pls help me out...


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What will happen when Mapping variable and Mapping parameter is not defined or given? Where do you use mapping variable and mapping parameter?


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what are the differences between powercenter 8.1 and powercenter 8.5?

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wht is full process of Information source to target just like stg to productuon and development


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how to work with mapplet designer in informatica?

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i have two flat files.. containing same type of data i want to load it to many source qualifires i need


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How to generate the HTML output using Informatica.


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wt is inline view? when and why we Use ?mail to

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wt is Dynamic lookup Transformation? when we use?how we use?


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.prm wirh repalce .txt is possible?

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how tokens will generate?


what transformations are used for Variable port?

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I am new to informatica and learning it,can anybody please tell me how we receive source as flat file in informatica,from where we get this flat file?


What is a surrogate key?


hi friends ... i have insurance project(informatica),can you please tell me how many table and mappings we need to use?and explain me.. thank you


without table how to come first record only in oracle?


What is an expression transformation?


What is aggregator transformation in informatica?


explain about unit testing? in real time?


generate date / time dimension in informatica


Repository user profiles


What do you mean incremental aggregation?


Explain the shared cache and re-cache?


Can I use same Persistent cache(X.Dat) for 2 sessions running parallely? If it is not possible why?If yes How?


What is meant by a domain?


what is the -ve test case in your project.


Enterprise data warehouse your projects phase by phase explain?