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Cognos Interview Questions
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what is report burn and where it occurs

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what is logs in cognos

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what r the migration tools available in the market with respect to cognos such as impromptu reports are migrated to cognos reportnet??


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what is meant by roll up and roll back in dataware housing????

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suppose if u burst the reports if ur reports not reached to the destination how u will identify that one???

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at what level u prepared the reports in cognos???? in dataware housing what is the automation tool u r using???

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what r the names of the reports that u prepared???

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what is the automation tool used for data warehouse testing???

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in reportnet how u burst the reports for every 5th day, 10 th day, 15 th day, 20 th day

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what are the applications of the tabular model ????

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how you create security to cubes ?????

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how u create security to reports ????

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fiscal year means what???

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How can we publish package to QA environment not cognos connection?(if we have two URL one cognos connection and qa environment how can we publish package to qa?)Please anybody give me the answer.


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For example I developed some reports on employee package now I have to develop same reports to another package.How can I change reports to another package?


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what is the main advantage of impromptu over cognos reportnet?


After applying date prompt and when we run the report we fet from date and todate when we enter todate


how to perform back drill through in cognos 8 what is the use of it


What is the diff between the following Report output-- HTML O/P, PDF O/P, EXCEL 2000 and EXCEL 2003 of report outputs? Listout main differences?


Hi experts,Recently I faced one questions in MNC,They having 4 tables in FM ..One fact table CALLING X, Remaining 3 tables are there not fact calling y,z etc...We want to join individually from X to Y..please suggest.


Why need staging area database for dwh?


what is the role of cognos comsultant?what actually it means?pls reply


what are the migration tools available in the market with respect to cognos such as impromptu reports are migrated to cognos reportnet?


what are the special features in cognos reportnet?


What is the enterprise class platform architecture of cognos 8?


What is the complex report you faced in real time?


How to create model and how to test model?


What are all the types of hierarchies?


which type of project we r going to snowflake schema


What are the types of security?