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Cognos Interview Questions
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hi guys, i think this would be a simple question but i was asked. what is total time taken to develop a report from getting requirement document from the client? dont reply as it depends,i am expecting something else.


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Can we use 2 packages in report studio at a time is there any alternative for this Thanks Nithin


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if at all asked.wat is u r cube name?wat would be a appropriate answer? plz help me


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what type of charts we create mostly in realtime? plz help


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Does anybody have the sample of delivery document of cognos, or provide some link of websites Thanks


i was asked what are the caluclations done by you in your report? plz give reply



please please give me some banking calculations in framework manager.


please can you give me some banking domine calculations developed in framework manager plzzzzz thank you.


how do you deploy a report in cognos 8 to run in maximo6? what r the steps in maximo??



1. We have been asked to add summary information to sales reprasentatives performance report. The report needs to be grouped by country and city to compare performance between areas Also we need to include revenue totals for each city and each country.


2. We have asked to create a repots showing sales by region in order to determine which regions are generating the most revenue and highest sales volume. The report needs to include the revenue and quantitiy sold of each subcategory with in category.



3. The vice president of sales has requested a graphical display of the same information provided in our last crosstab report (whatever I mentioned in above question) for an up coming presentation. We need to provide a chart report that shows which regions generate the most revenue and sales volume.


The vice president of sales has requested a report that shows sales performance by representatives in each country for year 1998. He would also like to see the performance for reprasentatives in Asia in order to present an award to the top sellers when he visits next month.


A product manager is analysing the sales made for each product, he has requested a report containing data for specific products. To do this we will create a report that includes a prompt page that filters on specific products within specific product subcategory and category.


if we have a value prompt in a prompt page and if we need to pass that prompt value to a sql used in report, what is the sql code? give me example?


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my report ended at the half of the last page but i don't want that matter in the last page I would like to adjust the matter in the previous page .how can i do this?


How to select multiple values from type-in prompt?


Can you define cube?


What is meant by alternate drill down with ex?


What condition do we use in Cognos when multiple path exits to reach the fact table.(i.e in BOXI we use CONTEXT when multiple path exit)


Give me any example of semi and non additive measures?


Name the types of report?


Define query studio?


Please Answer this Questions: 1.In FWM We have to create Hierarchies, Condition is we don't know the correct levels in the Hierarchies, in this case how can we find out the levels (year->Quarters->month->day)in data? 2. In FWM Standalone Filter is for Reusable purpose & Embedded Filter we cant resuse.but is this possible to convert the Embedded filter to standalone filter? 3.What are the differences between Relational Database Model & Multi Dimensional Database? 4.In Drill Down/ Drill Up, How to specify the limits for example in a report there is 6 Drill down is possible, but i want only 3 Drill downs, the report should not allow 4 Th Drill Down.How to make this ? 4. What are the limitations in Select and Search Prompt ?


What is Online View?


What is the diff between cognos 8.1 & cognos 8.2 & cognos 8.3? Measn whet are the enhancements are added in new versions(8.2& 8.3)?


which type of project we r going to snowflake schema


How to generate cubes in cognos?


What actually a project contains?


Explain the difference between powerplay transformer and power play reports?