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Cognos Interview Questions
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16. How can we create top 10 and bottom 10 records in the same list?


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17. How can we display tabs in the report Footer (Ex; PAGE 1 2 3 4 5...last)?


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How do you deployment reports from one server (Development) to other server(Production)? How do you configure the cognos7.0 version cube in cognos 8.0? Pls, explain with example? How do you create IQD without IMR or can u explain other way create IQD?


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how to explain tne project at the time of interview? where to start and how to end? plz explain in detail thax in advance



what is the difference between aggregation and roll up aggregation?

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Difference between cognos report net and cognos8

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Difference betwween cognos report net architecture and cognos8 architecture

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faq's on cognos


can we put more measure on cross tab? If so how many? How this affect the aggregation?

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How do we run stored procedure?

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..Architectural difference between cognos reportnet and cognos8?

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hi,dis is kumari.I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out. my mail-id is hope u will respond as soon as possible. thank u in advance


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i have 4 countries in my database as USA, UK, INDIA, CHANA. In value prompt's prompt control list, i want WESTERN_COUNTRIES, ASIAN_COUNTRIES instead of those country names. When i click on WESTERN_COUNTRIES, it should retrieve USA, UK records and when i click on ASIAN_COUNTRIES, it should retrieve INDIA, CHINA records. How is it possible?

Tech Mahindra,

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I have a reports on cognos ep7series version3 with database SQl2000.Now i am migrating database SQL2000 to SQL2005.Then What happens to cognos reports and also there is reports cubes then how can i handle this problem please give me step by step solution b'coz i am new to cognos ep7series



In which type of report we can create school time table in cognos? [I want period numbers in rows like period 1, Period 2, period 3, period 4, period 5 and class numbers in columns like 8th class, 9th class, 10th class and subject names in cells] Genelally school time table is prepared in crosstab report, but subject names are not measures and a crosstab cell can not contain non-measures. This is my problem,,,,,

Tech Mahindra,

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What do you understand by the term ‘frame manager' in cognos and write all the layers of the framework manager model?


What is main advantage datawarehousing over oracle?


What is the difference between ‘macro’ and ‘prompt?


how you migrate reports to cognos 8 from previous versions?


How is possible this scenario using in type-in prompt.?


What do you understand by the cognos?


----------------Diff b/w Dimensional modeling and Relational modeling?


What are the different uses of a repository manager?


What are the components of report net?


What is the difference between a cascading report and drillthru report? Why do we go for drill thru report?


How do you call a store procedure within a transformation?


what are slowly changing dimensions? Why we are used scd?


is there any difference between operational database and data base?if yes what r they?


can anybody explain me about sales project in cognos..wt is the requirement,how u get the requirement..explain me any one based on ur experience as a report much time u will take to complete one project,single person in a team have to do how many a real time how much time will take to complete reports single report.. (simple and complex report)and in real time ur project contains how many fact tables and dimension many query subjects and query items..wt functional area u worked on.. hope u vl respond as soon as possible mail- id is


What is a Pivot?