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Cognos Interview Questions
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How can we Maintain the Cube Security by Category level and Dimension level ?


what is Cognos Visualizer?

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what is Governor settings in cagnos?

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whis meant by Thumbnails on cagnos?

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tell me the creation of Snapshots?

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what is dimention?explain dimentable with example?


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Explain about embedded & standalone filters?difference between them

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hi friends pls forward impropmtu interview question


what are the difficult problem are you involved in cognos report net and 8 and impromptu if any pls share with us



how data modeling is usefull to cognos?

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can any body clesrly explain about types of query subjects.that is data source query subject,model query subject,stored procedure query subjects?

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what is physical layer and presentation layer?


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pls any body give the cognos 8 versions release year.

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Can you please tell me the limitation of Excel file when exporting from report to Excel? I can export to HTML and PDF but I can't export to Excel. The report is more than 13000 rows. When exporting to Excel, system can view it. After that, I save the report to an Excel file. The size of Excel file is more than 11 MB. But I can't view this file by Excel. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks!

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I have 3 dataitems in a list username,transaction type,transaction amount. In transaction type i have 3 types 'add','update','delete', i have almost 750 rows. After displaying the list report i want to know no. of add's,update's,delete's in 3 different rows

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Please Answer this Questions: 1.In FWM We have to create Hierarchies, Condition is we don't know the correct levels in the Hierarchies, in this case how can we find out the levels (year->Quarters->month->day)in data? 2. In FWM Standalone Filter is for Reusable purpose & Embedded Filter we cant resuse.but is this possible to convert the Embedded filter to standalone filter? 3.What are the differences between Relational Database Model & Multi Dimensional Database? 4.In Drill Down/ Drill Up, How to specify the limits for example in a report there is 6 Drill down is possible, but i want only 3 Drill downs, the report should not allow 4 Th Drill Down.How to make this ? 4. What are the limitations in Select and Search Prompt ?


How to Reset Pagenumbers in one report.


how to merge 2 crosstabs thans


What is a Transformer?


What are the types of studio?


plsreply to interested to do the cgnos certifications relating to report developer.can you suggest me what kind of certifications andwhere cani get (dumps) previous quetions and answers for the certification........


we have a list of 80,000 records, i would like to display in excel sheet but excel sheet has capacity of 60000 record.. how you going to display?


Can you define a query subject?


Explain about scorecarding?


what is a prompt value in report studio and variables ?


What are the components used in web tier?


What is difference between data mart and data warehouse?


What is cognos connection?


how you provide security to reports? How you provide security to packages ?


hi..i'm searching on cognos.i want to know some real time explanation..persons who have real time exp and who r searching in this field..can u send ur mail-id is u will respond as soon as possible..