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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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In which of the software testing phase is QA involved & QC not involved?


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what kind of questions will be asked in HR round for QA engg for 2-3 yrs exp? Please !!!!!! can anybody help me? this is very urgent. Thanks in advance. Please mail answer to me:


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What is 'Context Driven Testing' in Agile Method?


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where can i can get QTP real time projects and process?

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How to write the test cases for history of chat ?


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pls post the questions for qa position in factset


We have a WISPr application making an authentication request to a server running an authentication module. The client application is sending the User--Agent value, but the authentication application logs the User-Agent value as null, please explain the steps i should take to troubleshoot the issue. Please mention the steps by applying your knowledge of the OSI model.


You have 250 outstanding requests in a bug tracking application,you have no automated build environment, or representative production environment in test, nor the hardware required.You are responsible for establishing some kind of process and order to the QA department, what would you need in terms of budget and what would your processes be, as well as how would you address the environment issues mentioned above?


We have a directory structure /usr/local/jboss/server/{$app_name}/log/*.log which contains 1000 log files. A web application has been logging to the cloud.log file, the attempts of a user called test. The code logs the following way: log.debug(username); where the username equals “test”. What command line application and or combinations of applications will you call in order to create a file named user_log.csv that contains the following lines, where the timestamp is sorted: timestamp,username


Give me example of automate the regression test suite ........Thanks...



How is Release Management is done in STLC. What are tools can be used for the same.


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what is exceptional flow ? how to write exceptional flow test cases ? please give me the answer.


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Need urgent answers for the interview questions? Interviewer asked 1) when you don't have enough requirements spec how did you perform testing? 2) once the project went live if you come to know that there is a bigger defect(bug) what will you do? 3) when there is a bug in the code but not mentioned in the requirement spec( while testing for some other if you come to know this bug) what will you do? I answered these questions but interviewer was not satisfied can any one please tell me the best answers for these kind of situations. I have other interview next week so please provide me the answers or can email me the answers my I'd is Thanks in advance


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Who solves problems ? - A Wise Person or - A Clever Person please justify your answer.

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write bug due for a web app in which a text field "phone number" which should allow only 10 numbers,but allows chars, special char and more than 10 numbers in to the field?

NTT Data,

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Is automating some test case is important? What about the maintenance? When will automated test become uneffective?


What are the tools used by a tester while testing?


When do you think qa activities should start?


What are the contents of test plans and test cases?


Explain the difference between quality control and quality assurance.


What is the best tester to developer ratio?


create a daily status report or list the items you will cover in a status report


What are the things the tests ensure?


What is the difference between quality assurance (qa) and quality control (qc)?


List out various tools required to support testing during development of the application?


Explain bug leakage and bug release?


Mention how validation activities should be conducted?


Differentiate verification and validation processes.


Describe the dimensions of the risk in qa?


hey, i recently attended 2 interviews and they asked whether I used qamonitor of softsmith. any help on what it does?