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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.

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what is the SOAP UI and Web services? what are the uses in testing?



Which institute in hyderabad is good for ETL testing? Please suggest


What is difference between ach credit and the normal credit?


How the deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based company and in service based company ?

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Field level test cases are developed using AF TOD to validate individual fields on a screen using a black box testing methodology. IN THIS CONTEXT WHAT IS "AF TOD"


Looking for free study material on Functional Testing?

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i completed btech in IT in 2012.i am not good at programming.i want to do software i eligible for the course and how will be my future?please help and than you

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In testing what is the flow of testing AUT, like what test is to performed first and second test and soon Can Anyone list the sequence of testing

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How to generate swift message


How to test different Authorization levels for the Admin user and Userside users.


Can anyone pls tell me how to do action parameterization (input and output parameters) with respect to login window and insert order of flight reservation window in detail( pls give a clear step by step explanation with example) anyone please


If every alternative letter starting from B of the English alphabet is written in small letter, rest all are written in capital letters, how the month "September" be written. (1) SeptEMbEr (2) SEpTeMBEr (3) SeptembeR (4) SepteMber (5) None of the above.

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Hi,i am tester(qa) what technologies i have to learn to enhance my career..

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What would be the test approach for testing an e-commerce website which is coming to us from the vendor for maintenance. What will be the test approach fro the same when we do no have artifacts, test cases, test plan etc.

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Enlist some of the key challenges that are faced while performing software testing.


iq test


hi guys ! tel me the adress of the ordian solutions..?whr it is ..?


What if the software is so buggy it ca not really be tested at all?


Why is it often hard for management to get serious about quality assurance?


What are the benefits of destructive testing?


What would you do if you have a large suite to execute in very less time?


can 2 tier architecture can be change as a 3 tier architecture


Explain the process of qa testing?


how do u start web logic in your application


What are the table contents in testplans and test cases?


What are verification and validation and difference between these two?


I want to know about the open source licenses and its features


What are the five common solutions for software developments problems?


What is software process?