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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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how do i know that I am using 32 bit Windows


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Anything you know about host file


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What is role and responsibility of a senior software testing engineer in the company?( Day to day activities)


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What are the other test cases apart from functional test cases u write. I told sanity and resgression test case.Then He asked what u cover in sanity test cases and give with example...


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How do you train another QA engineer?

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What are the testing techniques? pls let me know in detail

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How much Salary can u ask for Manual Tester Position with 1+yrs of Experience in an MNC like Infosys?

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Hi Friends, Please help me...I want to know the QA Procedure for software testing i.e. What is the involvement of QA right from the beginning of the project when Business development team starts talking to the client upto the releasing phase... please if any one has any document or file for this please do share with me ASAP.....


Can you suggest a test system with interactive desktops, live dashboards, and instant communication features?

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Can you help me with your suggestions so as to select a test management system that fits perfectly well with the two widely used software development methodologies i.e., agile and waterfall?

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What is meant by retesting? Is it similar to smoke/sanity testing?

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Can anyone help you in this?

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Although ordinal identifiers give 100%uniqueness in learning a object ,why do we use mandatory and assistive properties first to check the uniqueness of object?????

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1. What is the difference between a bug and a defect 2. What is the difference between retesting and regression testing 3. Explain bug life cycle


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1. What is the most critical bug you found 2. Consider a moblie phone : when you save the number, the number gets saved under a different name . What is the priority and severity of the bug 3. Write code for binary search


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What are the factors responsible for the estimation of system integration test cycle and total integration time?


list potential risks that you have identified so far in Banking domain


What is bug?


Why is performance testing necessary to be done for any application?


Will automated testing tools make testing easier?


Describe the benefits of agile testing.


Do you think qa's can also participate to resolve production issues?


When to start qa in a project?


how do u start web logic in your application


What is crud testing and how to test crud?


Explain the difference between the verification and validation?


Write the differences between preventive and reactive approaches?


What is the difference between test case and test data?


Could anyone share FAQs for QA/QC position.


A payroll system?