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3D PLM Interview Questions
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WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN malloc() and calloc() in c file management?

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4. There are five caps , 3 black and 2 white. three persons chander, sunder and maninder are standing one behind the other in a queue. the first person in the queue is chanbder and the last person is maninder . 3 caps rfrom the lot of fivce is taken and put on their heads. Maninder can see what the other two standing in front are wearing . sunder can see what chander is wearing. None of them can turn around and see what the person standing behind is wearing , they do not know the color of cap what they themselves are wearing . John comes and asks maninder,"what is the color of the cap your are wearing?", Maninder can see what sunder and chander are wearing, and based on that he says he doesn't know. sunder has over heard that answer. Now john asks sunder" what is the colour of the cap you are wearing". sunder can see chander and he has heard what maninder has said, and based on that he says he doesn't know. chander has overheard both sunder and maninder. so when john asks chander the same question, he tells the correct answer. What is the colour of the cap that chander is weaRing ? Please write in brief how did you reach to that conclusion.

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Three boxes labeled as red, blue and mixed.These labels are box contains red balls and another box contains blue balls and remaining one box contains both red and blue balls. Pickup one ball from any box(u should pickup ball only once) and name the correct labels.

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How much Salary can u ask for Manual Tester Position with 1+yrs of Experience in an MNC like Infosys?

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Famous puzzles which are generally asked by companies during interviews ?

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Find the least number which when divided by 7 gives the reminder 6, when divided by 6 gives reminder 5, when divided by 5 gives reminder 4 and so on ?

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how to write the test cases for mark as read/unread mails for gmail inbox?and what are the testings we will do?


How to write testcases for unread/read mails for gamil inbox? and what are the types of testing you do on them?


Five circle- adjacent to each other in ascending order, first dia 8 and last dia 18, find mid one.

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What does cajole means?

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Area if square increase by 69% find sides % increased by?

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A women drop eggs, she says if eggs are divided in 2 remainder is 1, if in 3 reminder is 2 and in 4 remainder is 3. What no.of eggs she have?

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If 32+24=100 what no. system is used?

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4 pipes inlet and 2 pipes outlets, find water inlet etc.


4i+8j+10k. something like this.


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