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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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write a pl/sql function if enter a value=0 then output value=1 and vise verse with out using if and case statements.


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ex: take one schema in that t1,t2, tables and you don't no the table name also. write a procedure if enter columns name then display the maching columns .otherwise display the unmatch columns.


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how can stop the sequence with mention the max value and with out mention the max value


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take one table is t1 and in that column name is f1 f1 column values are 200 5000 3000 7000 300 600 100 400 800 400 i want display the values asc and desc in a single output. sample output is f1.a 100 200 300 400 500 600 etc...... and f1.d is 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 etc...


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suppose u hav 1 book with 1-100 n 101 -200 now print page from 2-100 n 102 -200... how we will do..?

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how to achieve this problem?i am having table with two colums like empno,gender. in gender column, i am having records male,female like that .my final output will be male female 5 6


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Could you please provide oca (oracle 10g) dumps for my certification ?

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Hi Everyone, How to get fist and last record from a table in oracle? Thanks in advance


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What are different types of refreshment techniques of materialised view

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i have a table emp and columns ename,empno,mgr_id,i need ename,manager name as result i.e employee respective manager.. example empno ename mgr_id 1 john 3 2 paul 3 3 smith 1 4 kevin 1 5 stewart 2 result has to look like this ename manager john smith paul smith smith john kevin john stewart paul can u plz help me out in this.....

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What is the relation b/w view and trigger

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can i use global variables in stored procedure or function


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what is the difference between stored procedure and packaged procedure

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write a query that returns first characters of each word in Oracel/Sql pl sql

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In a table only one column how to update rows


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Does sqlite need a server?


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