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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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Can we have exception part in trigger ?

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what is the correct way of selection statement a. select/from/table_name/orderby/groupby/having b. select/from/table_name/groupby/having/orderby

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what is meant by databases

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How many levels can subqueries be nested in a FROM clause?

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need to split a string into seperate values. eg. col1 col2 ---------- 100 - 'a,b,c' 200 - 'a,x,b,d,e' 300 - 'c' result: value count ------------- a - 2 b - 1 c - 2 etc.

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How to get employee name from employee table which is the fiveth highest salary of the table

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How to export the table data (this table having 18 million records) to .csv file. Please tell me is there any faster way to export the data.

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what is difference b/w pravite procedures and public procedures?

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cursor types? explain with example programs?


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<> declare a=10 b=20, begin some statements declare a=30 c=40 end; what is the A value in nested block?

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what is the use of HASH, LIST partitions?

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what is SCALAR Queries?

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what is HASH join?

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what is overloading procedure or overloading function ?


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how to create table with in the procedure or function?

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Can function return multiple values in sql?


Explain some predefined exceptions.


what is the difference between sql and t-sql? : Transact sql


How to raise user-defined exception with custom sqlerrm ?


Can we rollback truncate?


What is sequence in sql?


How many types of cursors supported in pl/sql?


What is sharding in sql?


i have a column which may contain this kind of value: 123*67_80,12*8889_5,34*8_874 ,12*7_7 (can contain space before a comma, and this string length can be anything) now i want to split this value into two column like: column1: 123*67,12*8889,34*8,12*7 column2: 80,5,874,7 use function for this


Is sql between inclusive?


What is difference between function and trigger?


What is a nested table in word?


What are the two types of cursors in pl sql?


What are types of joins?


what is commit? : Sql dba