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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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can we call a procedure from a function?

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how to sort records in sql?

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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger

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can we delete the trigger in a view? if yes why if not why?

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What is mutating trigger?How to avoid it??

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write a query to find out the no. of employees whose age is less than 25 and max of salary for the employees belonging to a particular department is less than 20000

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i have a table eno dno sal 1 10 200 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75 5 20 100 i want to get sal which is less than the avg sal of thri dept. eno dno sal 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75


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Write a query to find the name of employees those who have joined on Monday.(based on column hire_date)


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what will be the output: select 1 from emp union all select 2 from emp;


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what is the difference between cursor FETCH and FOR LOOP ?

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Write a query to find five highest salaries from EMP table. (there is a column SALARY)

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There is a sequence with min value 100. I want to alter this sequence to min value as 101. If the table has already data in the sequence column as 100,101,102... Is it possible to do so ?


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if a table is getting updated what happens if a function is called from sql query?


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how can create data base link for tow servers (scott schema) give examples plz

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using comand prompt how can import table data and table space with example

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