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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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How can we overcome recursive triggers in SQL?


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how to create user in sql and how to set password for that?

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what eliminate duplicate without using roenum and not


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what are the differences among these table level lock modes - IN SHARE MODE, IN SHARE UPDATE MODE, IN EXCLUSIVE MODE ?


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How One can easily select all even, odd, or Nth rows from a table using SQL queries?

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What is oracle ? why we should go for oracle database instead of diffrent databases available in the industry.


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What is a REF CURSOR? Compare strong and week ref cursor types.

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I have one Excel file with 1,50,000 Records. Now I need to load that whole file into Oracle Database with same columns in Excel sheet . I need PLSQL Procedure or used by SQL PLUS


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GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE over Views in advantages insolving mutating error?



write a qurey for finding the length of the sting.

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how to create a database in oracle?

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In a package if we have 10 procedures or functions,How to know which will execute first?

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Create table emp (id number(9), name varchar2(20),salary number(9,2)); The table has 100 records after table created.Now i nee to change id's Datatype is to be Varchar2(15). now Alter table emp modify(id varchar2(15),name varchar2(20), salary number(9,2)); Whether it will work or returns error? post answer with explanation.

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How many database objects (trigger, packages, sequence etc) uses a particular field in a given table. For ex: I want to know how many database object uses the ATTRIBUTE1 in the PO_VENDORS table. What query will give me the result showing the database object name(package, trigger etc), field_name used (in this case ATTRIBUTE1) and table_name (in this case PO_VENDORS).


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what is the use of anchoring object? what r the difference between anchoring object & enclosing object? can any one tell me all the details?


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Is sql between inclusive?


What is the difference between an inner join and an outer join?


What is sql lookup?


When you have to use a default "rollback to" savepoint of plvlog?


Does sql require a server?


how many sql ddl commands are supported by 'mysql'? : Sql dba


Can we create view in stored procedure?


What are the different types of database management systems?


State few characteristics of pl/sql?


What is trigger in pl sql?


What is exception? What are the types of exceptions?


what are all the common sql function? : Sql dba


Why do we use procedures in pl sql?


What is self-join and what is the requirement of self-join?


What are inner and outer joins examples of both?