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SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is the bond code in materialized view?


what is the boundary line in varrays?


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what is explain plan?

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When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages, compared to the standard SQL and SQL*plus ?

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what is inline command?

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What are the default Oracle triggers??

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Begin For j in 4403201000 .. 4403202000 Loop If mod (j, 100) = 0 then Dbms_output.put_line (j); End if; End loop; End; what will be the output of this question


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Dear All, Question for this Week Find out possible error(s) (either at compile time or at runtime) in the following PL/SQL block. State the reason(s) and correct the errors. Declare Cursor C1 is select ename, sal, comm from emp; Begin For i in C1 Loop If i.comm between 299 and 999 then Dbms_output.put_line(i.Ename || ‘ ** Good Commission’); Elsif i.comm > 999 then Dbms_output.put_line(i.Empno || ‘ ** Very Good Commission’); close C1; Else Dbms_output.put_line(i.Ename || ‘ ** ’ ||nvl(i.comm,‘O’)); End if; End Loop; End;


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Can we write create command in the plsql block?if possible how?

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What is differance unique key and primary key.


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I have a small PL/SQL Block assume in this way begin select * from emp where empno=100; exception when others then when no_data_found then when too_many_rows then end; The question which he asked was whether this block will get executed normally or it will throw error ? If errored out then what is the reason for the error ? Could anybody please help me ? Regards Nakul Venkataraman


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1> how are u debugging in plsql ? 2> how to connect oracle database from unix. is there ne way other than using sqlplus ?

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how to retrive only second row from table?


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Which is faster count (*) or count 1?


What does joining a thread mean?


Explain the select statement in sql?


How do I access sql anywhere database?


What are some emotional triggers?


Enlist the data types that can be used in pl/sql?


How do rank () and dense_rank () differ?


What are the conditions an underlying table must satisfy before a cursor can be used by a positioned update or delete statement? : Transact sql


What is an implicit commit?


Is there a pl/sql pragma similar to deterministic, but for the scope of one single sql select?


Is left join faster than join?


What steps server process has to take to execute an update statement?


What is the purpose of using pl/sql?


Why use truncate instead of delete?


Is big data nosql?