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tel me any 2 regular expressions with example


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How can we extract string '' from a string "" using regular expression of PHP


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How can use sys time in loop?



code to see the priview of the image which is being uploaded (after browising the image... just click priview ... how it will be visible...before uploading)



What is a procedure in php?


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how can i disable multiple user in the same password in my website using any scripts

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How can we get the browser properties using PHP?

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Is it necessary to use closing tag in php?sometime without closing tag things work.why?


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What are the security measures we have to take for our site not to hack by others.

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What can I do by cakePHP?

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What types of images that PHP supports?

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List out some tools through which we can draw E-R diagrams for mysql.

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How can I retrieve values from one database server and store them in other database server using PHP?

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what is hidden variable? what is its difference with the normal variable...


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if i give Limit for mysql query through php command line script like this for ex. $limit=500; $total_items = 1500; for($start=0;$start<$total_items;){ $command = "/usr/bin/php -q /home/sitename/public_html/admin/feedmanager/test.php feedid ".$_GET['feedid']." start ".$start." end ".$limit ; $start = $start+$limit; $command_result = system($command); } so it's execute command for 3 times so it give limit to sql query but if i have 27000 data so it takes long time? so my question is that is that any way from php command line script that i can use for collect all the data at once?


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Binary tree question - Node has numeric data (int) The function takes depth as argument and sum all the value of the node of the depth. For instance, (0) depth 0 / \ 10 20 depth 1 / \ / \ 40 50 60 70 depth 2 so if you pass get_sum(2), you would return 220 which is 40+50+60+70 (sum of depth2) write the function.


How to make horizonatl menu and vertical menu responsive


i m a B.E,passed out few yrs bak failed to find good job due to less marks now thinkin of a career as PHP developer. is it a lucarative field and wat r career prospects; hv heard dat initial salary is very less bout 6k also most jobs r contrct jobs.pls guide me need ur valuable advice.pls hellppp!! thnx..


how retrive the video file in php using video tag


Which is better php praogramming or cad/cam scope wise and also salaray wise?


what is benefit of magento?


Hi this is amul jani here, i complied my graduation in stream.. but as career i looking for PHP language.. to get shape my career. so is that possible to enter in IT world.. for me how much scope of develop my career in this field.. amul jani


Hello Friends,I am seeking for a job in php having 9 months. exp.Please suggest any company openings.


iam mca post graduate in 2010 not getting job in JAVA so iam looking for carear in php as market demand is high so it is best option to try for php or not


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


What are Routines?


sort term descripttion form, report and uery


what is constructor


What is session and Cokkies . How it works . tell some thing about Session_id()


Maine 12th ke bad 2 years ka web designing ka course kiya hai. Php me achcha hu. Ek fresher ko is field me kitna mil sakta hai ?