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PHP Interview Questions
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HOW we can use css

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when will be syndicate bank written exam ? i need the date of exam


what is php stands for?

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Can anyone explain about join?

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how to insert, update data in database

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Hi, I want to upload an image ito database and display image in a table in php how it is possible

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How to use validations in php?(codelgniter)

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How to get tabels from database in php andd display it in the table form using codelgniter? plz help me

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In forms when i am click submit button it will store on the desired table as well as it send to paticuler mail id. Any body know the answer plz give me detail information.

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what is the diffrence between for and foreach?

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hi here one small project given to me in an software company during interview. one page that would count down till 9pm (today means every day before 9pm it would count down to zero) this means there will show how many mins. sec. and hours are left till 9pm so it would be like 1 hr 20 mins 23 sec. then it up count down every sec and then show 1hr 20mins 22sec left till 9pm once the count down reaches zero it would show a flesh player video will autostart. the flash player will be from (the player is embed into the page.) that same page will track to see if they have already seen the video using php sessions then if they go back to that page it would redirect them to a new page saying that they have already wathed the video.

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what is the dirrence in PHP4 & PHP5 . ?

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Apart from mail() function to send emails,is there any other functions in PHP to send emails?

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client side scripting language Vs server side scripting language


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What is the difference between InnoDB and MyIsam

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Un-Answered Questions { PHP }

How can you propagate a session id?


Explain the installation of PHP on UNIX systems?


Explain PHP looping?


What is empty php?


What is member function?


What are the different errors in php?


Is it more secure to use cookies to trfer session ids?


Does session expire on closing browser?


What are the new features in php 7?


Explain me what is the w3c?


How long will it take to learn php?


How to return a value back to the function caller?


What is inheritance in php with example?


Does cors prevent csrf?


Applications written to provide a GUI shell for Unix and Linux are called