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how to store date to database


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Actually am working in existing project which is developed in .net, am converting the .net into php code. am facing problem after uploading the .php in server. amgetting the error message like "The page cannot be found" but its working perfectly in local host

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how to select the multiple data in selection button

xasis technologies,

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How to upload and play video in Php when u r in localhost?


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how to make website package setup like desktop software setup ... that front end and backend can include in setup like single package...?


how to register website in internet

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what is code for email sending through localhost pc..?

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m new to xampp i want to configure file server in xampp... is it possible ??? if so help me....


what is Abbreviavion of PHP?

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I am working in VFP with no knowledge of web programming.I want to learn web database programmin. Can I choose PHP and MYSQL for that?

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hai plz inform me specific books fo0r paper1,paper2 and paper 3 of group2 examination... plz giv me at the earliest......


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i start a new session with : session_start(); then i set some session variable like this : $_SESSION['name']=$_POST['name'];\ and some another variables. at bottom of page i set header to diffrent page : header('location: index.php'); exit(); now in new page (index.php i can't access to my session variables, like $_SESSION['name']) what's wrong ? thanks. here is my files : a.php ======================================== session_start(); require (''); if(isset($_POST)) foreach($_POST as $v=>$k) { $items[$v]=$k; } $sql="SELECT * FROM members WHERE username='{$items['user']}' AND pass=MD5('{$items['Password']}') "; $res=mysql_query($sql); $row=mysql_fetch_assoc($res); if($row['username']) { $_SESSION['type']=$row['type']; $_SESSION['name']=$row['name']; $_SESSION['family']=$row['family']; $_SESSION['username']=$row['username']; $_SESSION['date']=$row['date']; } header('location: admin.php'); exit(); ====================================== admin.php ===================================== . . . =================================

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Make a "dynamic drop down list" with using only PHP,HTML and MySQL..

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how will i set pagination ?

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Is md5() is breakable if yes than how?

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what is the scope of php in the future if any other language is developed then may be php is loss ???


what are interfaces and Abstart classes


What is session and Cokkies . How it works . tell some thing about Session_id()


can we swap two different string using php for example:-- before swapping:-- 1 string :-hello friend, 2 string :-my dear, after swapping that strings will be: 1.hello dear, friend.


what is difference between PHP4 , PHP5


What is instantiation?


is that "enumerated array" equal to "numeric array"?


"mysql_fetch_row — Get a result row as an enumerated array",this sentence comes from the PHP offical manual.However ,i can not understand the words "enumerated array".I need some help.Thanks a lot to everyone that reply.


I need to know about the courses which are useful in corporate companies.. especially php/mySQL, Java/j2ee, .NET.. also tell if any other courses are valuable


my english is not too good then what we apply for a php programer post


am from learning php&mysql. what will be the approx salary for me if i get a job in coimbatore.


what are the differences between php and perl


Maine 12th ke bad 2 years ka web designing ka course kiya hai. Php me achcha hu. Ek fresher ko is field me kitna mil sakta hai ?


write a note on Testing the web site


discuss the issue of software theft in ghana and how it has affected the economy