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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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the high court which has jurisdiction over lakshadweep

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i am a phrma gratuate.currently working in pharma sales for last 2 years. but have no production exp. in future in have a plan to start for a production unit of otc(over the counter) product but not yet specified. now my query is that WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA FOR OPENING A PRODUCTION UNIT?


What are the legislations framed to regulate Public Utility services such as railways,electricity,cooking gas,transports,postal & telegraphic sectors?


short note (text) on tax deduction at source

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Can a company register inferior ranking charge instead of pari passu charge as security ?

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What is difference between India and Hindustan according to law and geography.


What are the PF, EPF, ESI, PPF and how these can be calculated ?

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what type of questions do i expect in a law officer interview?

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Can an advocate sign in green ink?

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different between article and section

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what is proffesion . i want to open a school under cheritable society it is a proffesion

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can any one tell me how to get usa address using passport number or social security number.Please help me This is urgent


How much is the minimum marks for CIVIL judge interview in MPPSC. where i can get rules in this regard documented?

MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, Sail,

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is corporate guarantee required on stamp paper or companies letter head will do

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What do you think on the franchising of legal aid firms?


What are the experiences you had in the past that makes you certain that you are prepared to practice civil law?


If a Manufacturer pruchases a raw material from a second dealer without getting invoices for availing cenvat credit, obviously he has to pay the excise duty when he completed his manufacturing process. then this does not amount to taxing on tax? What is the remedy available for such manufacturer in availing cenvat credit without invoices?


What is purchase limit that Road permit form 38 (Sales Tax) in not required when goods purchase from other state in U.P.


Why you want to work with the Prosecutor's Office?


I deposit a cheque of Service Tax 5-04-2010( Stamping by bank Staff on Deposit silp 5-04-2010) for the month of March-2010 and cheque cleared 8-04-2010 in Bank . Kindly advised me I calculate interest from 1-04-2010 5-04-2010 or 1-04-2010 to 7-04-2010. With best Regards Kishori lal


how to prevent corporate lootings and frauds? is there any mechanism available besides the legislative frameworks stipulated by SEBI OR CL AFFAIRS?


Is wearing school uniform a breach of human rights?


If we have to make bill of Stock transfer from our interstate branch (like Chennai) what type of invoice we have to prepare tax or retail ?


A father promises to give his daughter £100 a week during her time at university. After the first term, he decides she needs to be more self-reliant and stops paying her. Can she sue him for breach of contract?


Define a miracle.


who is the first law officer of government of india ?


Can any one tell me if wife apply u visa what about her husband H1 visa


which kind of response would we get from your referees about your professional as well as social manner?


Hi, One of my friend was working in TCS. Now he is not working. But when he was in TCS, he has referred me. And he has uploaded my profile in TCS portal. He has given me one EPIR number also. Now TCS people are telling, I can't apply any jobs with that EPIR number. Last month I have attended interview in TCS with that EPIR number. I have cleared all the rounds, only documentation is pending. Now my profile is pending with HR, because of EPIR number. I have selected in interview. I am waiting for job. Please advise.