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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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best and fastest way to go to the european courts of human rights for liability of sections 1, 5, 6, 7,8,9,10,14


best way to claim compensation through slander false accusations


suing social services health service and social security


What is GDR Issue ?


if any indian guy want to marry pakistani girl than how he get pakistani nationality is it possible that he get pakistani nationality?


Diffrent sportsmen are endorsing diffrent products and they have endorsement agreements for this. Now at what rate the tds should be deducted by the company on the amount of payments msde to sportspersons for endoresements?


One of my client in Mumbai has dispatche the goods to Delhi distributor with tax invoice after charging CST 2%.But Road permit was given by the Delhi distributor and also goods has not been caught at any check nakas of delhi and Finally goods were dekivered to Delhi distributor. Whether it is required under Delhi sales tax act to submit the Road permit to get the C Forms?


what is human right

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What is role of indirect taxation mangaer(in term of Excise, Custom, Service tax, Income tax, CST, VAT and other applicabe laws)

Jubilant Organosys,


i am in B.A 2nd year from ignou univercitu by corespondce is it possible to join a law after my graduation. and how much time it will take


what is wealth tax


jude's son is lawyer,but lawyer father is police. then who is judge?


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what is the full meaning of LLB

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In the Companies Act, 1956 there is no ward as ‘Wholly Owned Subsidiary’ (WOS), WOS means a company of which entire equity share capital is held by other Company. For example A company holds entire equity shares of B Company in this case B Company is WOS of A Company. Question: Now the Question is X company has paid up equity share capital of Rs.50000 (5000 shares each of Rs.10).Out of which Y company holds 4990 shares in its own name and remaining 10 shares Y Company holds in its name in 10 different folios (one share in each folio) along with 10 different individuals in the style first name is of Y limited and second (joint name) of individuals like A,B , C…… to J.In such case will X limited be deemed to be a WOS of Y Company ? If yes then how? After this question one more question will come up related to this question


will bonus attract PF & ESI?..... please answer this....


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if the accident met in a factory, the prilminery case fieling should be followed in that time have any rights filing a criminal by police man?


What should a stenographer do if a witness who is scheduled for a court appearance does not show up to testify?


hi,,i m preparing for junior assistant in supreme court.i want to know the book for preparation which contains general english, general apptitude and general knowledge questions.


what are the differences and similarities between loans and cumulative redeemable preference shares


What do places that supply nitrous oxide tanks do with the licenses that they collect in order to get nitrous?


Does form 38, required for personnel use goods,


Is VAT should be charged on Freight charges or not ?


What is the last date of TDS deposition of the payament of 31- 03-2008 & 31-03-2009


Dear Friends, May i please know the full form of Form FC-TRS, which is filed in the case of transfer of shares from resident to non- resident and vice versa.


What is the difference between company & organisation send the details plz.?


What is reasonable belief?


how to prevent corporate lootings and frauds? is there any mechanism available besides the legislative frameworks stipulated by SEBI OR CL AFFAIRS?


model paper for law assistant


Based on Internal Revenue Service rules, what criteria distinguish a consultant from an employee?


In France, if a person sees somebody drowning, they have a legal obligation to help them. Should this be the case in the UK?