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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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what is tds in Indian tax department ?


if a person has served the organization from 1st Oct 2005 till 10th Sep 2010, is liable for gratuity payment?


what is the full form of law?


If a Manufacturer pruchases a raw material from a second dealer without getting invoices for availing cenvat credit, obviously he has to pay the excise duty when he completed his manufacturing process. then this does not amount to taxing on tax? What is the remedy available for such manufacturer in availing cenvat credit without invoices?


What do you mean by Prelimnery Expenses ? How do you Account for? Can it be Written Off? How?



ek jmin par mr.A 9 sal se kabja jamake betha tha.9 sal bad wo jmin mr.B ne main malik mr.C se kharidi aur mr.A court me gaya aur mr.B se har gya fir wo high court me jake aplication ki. sawal ye he ki istrah to tarikh pe tarikh padti rahegi aur dusre 10 sal aur lag jayege to law ka use kesekare ke 2 sal me jamin (land) mr.B ke pas aajaye?


I want to know about the law for bonus means if any 1 leave the job without notice then can he claim for his or her bonus ? please suggest the way how can get bonus if notice period is not given.


what is law


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can a receipt issued by the seller signed by the purchaser amounts to conclusive proof of completion of transaction?


What you think about Protection of Women from Doemstic Violence Act, is it in favour of women or is it patial law?


Is there any law in India which is favouring or protecting husbands from Doemstic Violence? If yes then which and if no then do you think that Indian Constitution is not properly built?

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computation of advance tax for the assessment year 2010-11


who is best to represent cases to the small courts


rights reguarding a private sale of goods not paid for in full and courier failling to collect correct amount of monies on cah on delivery


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among the tax revenue of the goverment of india ,the most important is a.income tax b.custom duty. c. corporation tax. d. union excise duty.


where can i find indian patnership act on the net?


if customer will not able to give c-form then in bill which tax should i charge


Who has the power to write and change laws?


What are the requirements of a company to register as manufacturers?


My bf applied for the fiance visa then things didn't worked out. He recently sent a letter to cancel it but we got back together again and want to keep to visa progress going. How Can we stop the cancelling the fiance visa? Can we do that?


how computation of tax for toll naka will be done


best and fastest way to go to the european courts of human rights for liability of sections 1, 5, 6, 7,8,9,10,14


What is the TDS rules for a NRI who is partner in Partnership Firm in India and on retirement he gets Rs. 150 Lacs equal to the credit balance in his capital account. This credit in his capital account has come on account of revaluation of immovable property owned by thr firm. What is the Firm's liability towards income tax on revaluation of immovable property and what are the obligation of TDS while making payment to the NRI.


If a wife had expressed distaste for it previously, would her husband's habit of putting marmalade in his egg at breakfast be grounds for divorce?


Can we apply IEC Certificate & professional tax certificate manually ? i.e. without online


Can we sue employer if the employer is deducting the Rs.1665/- from the employee towards PF including the PF admin charges (1.61%) and depositing without adding a single Rupee from his pocket. DO the employer has right to deduct PF admin CHarges from Employee. Under what sections of PF we can sue employer. THanks


I have been approved for a L1a visa, and received a new I9, now what do I have to do to get the visa on my passport


can any one tell me how to get usa address using passport number or social security number.Please help me This is urgent


Please expand section 24 of HMP?