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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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Name the president of constituent assembly ?


Who is the current security general of UN ?

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Howmany members are there in security council ?


What is the first settlement authorty in ID act


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I belongs to OBC category (non-creamy layer),if I will select in any deemed university (Maharashtra)on merit basis,shall I get admission fee concession.What is the reservation status in deemed university.


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what is another name of lal bahadur shatri?


SIR, our client is carrying business It is a ASSOciation of individuals.Can you say whether it is a AOP or doubt is that AoP includes persons for a common purpose But according to I>T act PERSON includes individuals also


who is the law secretary?


whether non payment of due leave is unauhorised deduction from wages or not?


I have form16 of the year 2007-08 & 2008-09(INCOME LESS THAN 4.5 LAKH).Do not have form16 of 2009-10.shall I get non-creamy layer certificate



In case of exempted employees under the PF ACT, does the employer need to contribute minimum of Rs. 780?



What is the TDS rules for a NRI who is partner in Partnership Firm in India and on retirement he gets Rs. 150 Lacs equal to the credit balance in his capital account. This credit in his capital account has come on account of revaluation of immovable property owned by thr firm. What is the Firm's liability towards income tax on revaluation of immovable property and what are the obligation of TDS while making payment to the NRI.


There are three partners in a partnership firm. The firm has office premises in the name of firm. Depreciation on this asset is charged every in the books of the firm. Now after depreciation the book value of this assets has become Rs. 1000. Whereas the market vakue of this premises id Rs. 10 crorer. To bring this property at MV the partners revalued this premised at Rs. 8 crorers in the books of the firm and accordingly credited partner's capital account in their profit sharing ratio. My questions are as under. What is the income tax liability of the firm on revaluation? What is the income tax liability of partner of each partner on revaluation and credit to his capital account. In future whether depreciation to the firm is allowed on revalued amount under the income tax act. What happens to the tax liability if one partner withdraw his entire capital from the firm which includes credit on revaluation of office premises? When partners can withdraw out of their credit balance in their capital account without attracting any tax liability either by the firm or by partner? What happens if one partner retires and he gets amount equal to his capital account which inclides credit on account of revaluation? is there any tax liability to the retiring partner?

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We are manufacturer for Export material , and Material cleared without payment of Excise duty Notification No. 43/2001 Dtd. 06.06.2001 of Rule 19 of C.E. Rule 2002. Can I Purchase Raw Material Under above Rule

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I am Shyam, MBA(HR) and L.L.B. and applied for civil judiciary services. want to know the syllabus for the entrance exam and books to be refered.


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What does it mean for someone to 'take' another's car?


In simple Language, what is C-Form ? What are its advanteges either for Buyer or Seller ?


A cyclist is injured following a road traffic accident in the day. He was cycling in a car lane rather than the cycle lane. Who is liable- the cyclist or the motorist? How about if the accident occurred at night and the cyclist had no lights?


what is difference between excise & sells tax?


if we recive Purchase order of Contract of Supply of material & labour so how can we invoice our bill.


among the tax revenue of the goverment of india ,the most important is a.income tax b.custom duty. c. corporation tax. d. union excise duty.


Are you willing to go through the accreditation process for police station advisors?


If burcation of material and labour may not be possible to bill on the customer, under which scheme of VAT[WCT] in the State of Gujrat such incidence of WCT is complied with?


Hi, I am a trader/distributor by name M/S.ABC reg.under Kerala vat and dealing in trading/stockist of computer goods. One of our dealer reg under Kerala vat M/S.DEF got an order to supply computer goods to an Kerala state govt dept. M/S DEF places an Order to us and directs us to raise bill as below and deliver the goods at end customer point throughout Kerala USING OUR INVOICE . BILL FROM:M/S/ABC (REG UNDER KERALA VAT) BILL TO M/S.DEF (REG UNDER KERALA VAT) SHIP TO KERALA STATE GOVT DEPT. (M/s.ABC charge full local tax on Inv. and ship the goods as above to end customer Kerala govt dept.) Clarification required as per VAT act of Kerala. 1.)Is it correct to carry out transaction as ABOVE as three parties involved? 2.)During transit will my shipment will be seized by flying squad or enforcement team and raise objection for improper invoice even though charged full local tax rate applicable on goods? 3.)Under Kerala vat act is there any sales tax exemption available to carry out sale of computer goods TO KERALA GOVT DEPT? 4.) What is form 16 will it be useful to carry out ABOVE such billings and shipment to diff part of Kerala govt dept. Friends pls. share your expertise on the above and revert to my e- mail id. Tks and Regards, Angeline


I want about 42 artical pls tell me


Essential to community prosecution is community involvement, which would persuade judges to give greater sentences to those who continually commit crimes in certain areas. How you generate community support?


hi,,i m preparing for junior assistant in supreme court.i want to know the book for preparation which contains general english, general apptitude and general knowledge questions.


What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost have? Does a girl scout have a political agenda?


sir if a bank declares NPA on one property and auctioned in bank auction even though the said subject is there in DRT and the Loanee got adverse order and filed the same with ADRT and got permitted to pay the amount and paid the amount to the Bank. sir now the question is will the loanee has to pay the interest to the bank during the NPA declared date to to the date of repayment of the Loan amount.


Do you know the Law of Demand?