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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi, I like to learn Linux from scratch, i have 3 years of experience as Technical Support Representative in call centers. Will i be able to opt for Linux Administrator Job?


How we can attract the person who are taking the interviewes?

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who is thing that arrounding the graveyard


did anyone attended java 2+ exp interview in dec-2010?


I am a service provider under the category of Custom House Agent. During the course of service I have to make some payments against specific shipments in account of client; the bills by other service providers port authority are raised against and in the name of the client whereas in some case(s) i have make payment as a facilitator on behalf of the client. Do I have to deduct tds on such payments which in fact are not my expediture as such payments are re- imbursed by the client.

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i am selected for sbi bank po as well assistant central intelligence officer grade 2 executive in intelligence bureau. which one i should join and why?

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If I dont feign to have a disability, whether it be mental or physical, to get state money, or money from S.S.I but let the people who really need the money have it instead, such as children and severly disabled people. But choose to activley look every day for employment, but do not find employment and end up living on the streets because I can no longer pay my rent, at what point does it NOT become my fault? Is there a time when I should simply follow the rest of the people over the cliff?

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Wich is the best study centare for sap fico module in hydarabad? .......urget. Plzz give me u r opinion...


Best books for bank po examination


frnds it took 7trs for me to complete my btech [ece] due to some financial i eligible to do masters in foreign trade pls advice me...


How many marks (IELTS) do I need to join the nursing degree course or diploma course at the UC in Australia, Canberra?


how to decrease the rate of material?

Logwell Forge,


which type of questions r asked in icici po interview?



what is the intention of Central excise act for making diff betn production and manufacture?



What happens when centrifugal pump is operated with closed discharge valves?


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hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........


write a program that asks for 2 floating point numbers and multiply numbers together,print to screen. then ask the user how many digits it needs to display to the right of the decimal and print the product again w the new precision...


i m from engineering background and now i want to go banks....if the question will asked that why u prefer the bank job while u r from technical background?


how do i get friends and there email


Hi,I have got selected as a clerk in Bank of baroda. I would like to know the career growth(promptions). Pls help me out.


Recently I got an job offer by Deloitte for the post of tax consultant at Hyderabad, India after my interview. I accepted the offer but did not receive any acknowledgement of my acceptance.So I am a bit worried that whether they have taken into consideration my acceptance or not????? It was an electronic offer so I had to give my consent thru mail as it was stated... so i wanted to know det usually do you receive a reply for a your acceptance....throw some light on this issue please....


i am an electrical engineering student(2nd year),is in plant training necessary at the end of 2nd year?what is correct time?where should i do in-plant?


What happens when centrifugal pump is operated with closed discharge valves?


what is the role of buying house in import-export and how does it work?


hii,anybody got joining letter in dfo(gd) 2013.PLZZ mail me at


what are the main skills requreed to be software programe manager?


I have done MBA(Finance & Mktng) back in 2009 and then join the BPO backend process for 1 year and done sap sd and now i m lkking for the sap sd or mba job ..please reply fast at if you have any suggestion...i need job immediatly...


how to insert an element at the end of the linked list?


Hi I am ofw from hongkong and just finishing my contract for 1 year.And planning to work in canada.Just want to know what are the questions being asked if i were to be interviewed.Thank you.


speak about bagalore for 5mint