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Hi, I like to learn Linux from scratch, i have 3 years of experience as Technical Support Representative in call centers. Will i be able to opt for Linux Administrator Job?


How we can attract the person who are taking the interviewes?

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who is thing that arrounding the graveyard


did anyone attended java 2+ exp interview in dec-2010?


I am a service provider under the category of Custom House Agent. During the course of service I have to make some payments against specific shipments in account of client; the bills by other service providers port authority are raised against and in the name of the client whereas in some case(s) i have make payment as a facilitator on behalf of the client. Do I have to deduct tds on such payments which in fact are not my expediture as such payments are re- imbursed by the client.

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i am selected for sbi bank po as well assistant central intelligence officer grade 2 executive in intelligence bureau. which one i should join and why?

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If I dont feign to have a disability, whether it be mental or physical, to get state money, or money from S.S.I but let the people who really need the money have it instead, such as children and severly disabled people. But choose to activley look every day for employment, but do not find employment and end up living on the streets because I can no longer pay my rent, at what point does it NOT become my fault? Is there a time when I should simply follow the rest of the people over the cliff?

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Wich is the best study centare for sap fico module in hydarabad? .......urget. Plzz give me u r opinion...


Best books for bank po examination


frnds it took 7trs for me to complete my btech [ece] due to some financial problms...am i eligible to do masters in foreign trade pls advice me...


How many marks (IELTS) do I need to join the nursing degree course or diploma course at the UC in Australia, Canberra?


how to decrease the rate of material?

Logwell Forge,


which type of questions r asked in icici po interview?



what is the intention of Central excise act for making diff betn production and manufacture?



What happens when centrifugal pump is operated with closed discharge valves?


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how do i get friends and there email


Tell me about the last family function u hve attended. what was ur memorable moment in the function?????????????????


What are the seven wonders of this world?


I have been selected for clerical interview of SBI..my interview is scheduled on 3rd may 2010...if anybody have attented before that plz tell me which type of questions they r asking..


can any one send me clerical model papers of deccan grameena bank?


When we want to create info record for both standard and sub contract with one single vendor., system is not creating a separate info record. It is considering the same Info record for all the options. This triggers error - Info record price does not match. Kindly give the solution!!!


Hi I have cleared the written exam for Karnataka bank PO. My interview is on 27-4-2011. Please give me some interview questions its urgent. My email is reddyy20@gmail.com and my contact number is 09493952153


How do you create a solaris package?


Difference between Windows Vista and Windows XP professional?


i want thanx my brother so i need nice wording


What is Micro-kernel? What are the benefits of Micro-kernel?


He asked me about antivirus, worms, and malware and spyware.


What about our position do you find the most and least attractive?


Hey I like to play online games .I damn crazy about it.My favorite one is sudoku and I have good steps to solve sudoku which I got from http://tictacdo.com/ttd/Solve-a-Sudoku Tell me some good online games list and some steps to solve that..


when the dividend will issue by the company .if that time shares will sell by the holder who got the dividend?