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I have completed mba, i'm so much intrested in group2, can u plz tel me how to prepare for this exactly.


what is the difference between file base architecture and web based architecture in datastage?



I need Telangana state Intermediate second year question papers M.P.C group. Pls Post those asap.


why governor is not provided with the power to pardon death sentence..


Explain your methods for resource allocation


Once Budget has been presented in the parliament, the Government has to get all money bills related to the Union Budget passed within________days.

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Your passion for helping people has really paid off though your nonprofit organization. What fuels that passion to help?

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is there any company in India where you can earn money from home by doing job online


Why our fingers are not in equal length?

Shore Infotech,


Is there any minimum marks to be given in SBI clerk interview? My interview was very bad..was able to ans only 10% of questions.I know to read and write the local language.Written have done well. Pls ans if anybody knows the cut off

State Bank Of India SBI,


I was in 3rd year B.TECH.What I am saying is I want to get job in 4th year campus.Can anyone know about what books should I refer to crack the aptitude tests,please tell me.Thank u guys


I don't know fluent English because i studied in Kannada medium school , but my aim want to do job in BPO Companies but nobody not giving chance to me how can i improve my self ....

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What prior experience do you have that you think will be useful in this role?


who is the founder of inorganic chemistry


what is hi... meaning


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The lowest common multiple of two different numbers is 24, and the greatest common factor is 12 what are the two numbers?


What is F.O.R.


My C licence is getting expired on 30.4.2013.I want to renew the same pls.provide information like renewal fees and other details.


what is a meaning of quick learn


I was been in the US before when my ex boyfriend petition a K1 visa but the relationship did not work so i went back to my country.Now i have a new boyfriend his American citizen can he still petition me for a K1 visa?


what an interviewer wants to see in the candidate.


Pl. Brief scope for Bsc nursing in India


sometimes when we touch other person's hand we feel a minor (current like) shock, why so?


when will be the sbi interview held in april-may 2010 be declared?


Could u tell the the best govt exam coaching institutes for banking and ssc near gachibowli?


tricks to handle the customer or client in sap, specifically when he is negative for particular business requirement


what is the meaning of AKALIYAT ?


which books i have to read for group2?


There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row , the tallest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the shortest person is B. Who is taller?


Can you balance rural urban divide in education?