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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what is politics.or Say something on politics.

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what is crime. what is the defination of Crime.

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What is Goal.


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What is Time. What do you understand by time.


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Why girls get more marks then boys.

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what is fashion.


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Tell me about your most memorable and worst moment

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If you would be an angle for a day then how will you spend your day?


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How do you handle a conflict situation that occur in your work place?

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What would you do if your superior tells you to do something that you know is not right in the way of doing


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What would you say about your time management

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why would you want to join a call centre?

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What have you done to overcome a major obstacles in your life.

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what is the answer for tell me something about urself

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why do you wants to work in a callcenter?


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How can you resolve the problem to customer’s satisfaction?


which one do u prefer idly vs pizza why ?


what is active directory?


I wanted to know about the career in Call Centers ? I am a Graduate, I have good command over English. - How I can build my career in call center domain ? - What is the actual career path ? - Should I go for any specific course or education before actually applying to call center jobs.


explain the senerio ofa bus stand or a a shopping mall as if you are a guard or dustbin!!


Why do you think customer service is most important? ( elaborate your thoughts logically with critical analysis for the assessment)


Describe a situation in which you inspired trust and respect in your team.


Any idea relating marketing project for a b-school....


what is insurance


How would I sell something to some one over the phone? What is selling skill?


Why do you want to be a trainer?


1.favorite teacher? 2.memorable event 3:school life Guys please give space for each answer for one particulare question and please mention numbers for which question your are giving he answer...please dont mixup


What are the major sectors for outsourcing? : bpo


name useful online tools that can be used for better customer service


what is trainer's defination and quality?