What is Goal.

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What is Goal...

Answer / santosh narayan wakchaure

Goal is an essential part of human life.Without goal or
aim,you cannot live (lead) your life happily and with the
feeling of satisfaction.The goal that you set for yourself
determines the essence of your life.It erves as a stimulus
or something that inspires you to accomplish sth.

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What is Goal...

Answer / praveenkumar

goal is a common term that can be used to "acheive some
thing in life of human beings.we commonly use the terms
like aim,target,obejective and etc as synonyms for goal
but academics, have different distinct meanings for all
these words.hmm!! anyway its not our job to have a hawk eye
on these & we shall bound to common meaning that"to acheive
some thing".Well goal makes one to get clarification to do
a specific task choosing from various options what one
thinks of about his future.Well once the goal is decided
then the motivation part is activates because most of the
ppl fail to recognise thier goals , get confused and
ultimately leads to failure.So it makes us to know how
imortant the word goal is.So we should 1 st aim to make
goal to finalise whats our goal is and then to target the
goal and acheive the GOAL.HEY guys dont confuse with hockey
goal or foot ball goal!!!HeHeHe

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What is Goal...

Answer / jyoti sharma

goal as the life moves the aim or the desire to achive
grows it doesnt stop .to achive this goal we the human
beings give up all the efforts to fullfil it . but who has
the rigth confidence can sucess and achive there goal many
people feel that a day will come when they become some
thing big and people will identify that person not by his
dad name but identify his dad by his name that is the big
goal which cannot achive by every one buy ome times it
happend to acheive they goal people become blind and moves
on wrong way that is what they start building over
confidence. and the right way to achive goalis the right
aim with the right eforts and confidence.........

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What is Goal...

Answer / aniruddha chatterjee

Goal is a part and parcel of every human being, who wants to
be a successful in every aspect of life. It is a kind of
target or moto of our life,which we will have to achive. We
can't achive it in one day.We need to work hard for hit the
jackpot of our life.

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What is Goal...

Answer / glaiza

Goal is something that keeps you moving! it inspires and motivates someone to get what she wanted. It's like an engine, it works when you get it started!

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What is Goal...

Answer / shibu k john

goal means one target in every human being needed goal with
out goal we can not success in our life.

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What is Goal...

Answer / nasir

To achieve special things that you want in your life that is called goal.

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What is Goal...

Answer / james

goal is can you one special things to get that is means a goal

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What is Goal...

Answer / frank james

goals is a desired result you plan ad commits yourself to
achieve it.

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What is Goal...

Answer / kimberly onza

Goals are what you want to be and what you want to have in the future.

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