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Business Management AllOther Interview Questions
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To maintain the secrecy of the affairs of a customer is obligatory on the part of the bank, but sometime it may not be considered essential. Discuss.



what is the full form of EMP?

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explian the 5 main costrain that affect decision making in business organization


what are the basic reasons for the appreciation of rupee against US Dollar?

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What is a Stock Exchange. Describe the functions of Stock Exchange.

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Recently i got rejected for B1 visa, if i reapply is there any chance of getting visa and is there any time gap to apply?


Will retail sector sustain upto 2025

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what is the difference between improving personal effenciency & improving problem solving in relation with mdss?


when does communication take place in a business


What are the dynamics specific to businesses


How many garabge bins are there in the US?

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whatis main reason for flucation of indian stock exchange

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SAP SD. What are the Condition Conversion and Customer/Material conversion in the Organization Structure and should define and assign? Please nevigate and explain with example.


sbi clerical exam question bank

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tell me name of ceo n chairmans of all companies

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I am starting Dress Material Retail shop , please tell me what licenses should i get to start the Business ?


what is the role f financial analyst????


Q. 4 (a) To modify an, existing worksheet. What steps are involved for: 1. Inserting and deleting rows and columns. 2. Printing cell formulas 3Jld displayed values 3. Using the page setup command


In Sales order the order quantity is 10 but 6 is billed the status is shown as being processed after that i changed the order quantity to 6 and saved then status showed completed but now i had change the quantity to 10 now the status is changed to being processed ,the question is now the 4 number quantity has to bill and now if the stock is there and whether the 4 numbers will be picked or not picked by the order?


Tactical planning is long-term & uncertain-Explain. principal of navigational change implies that a plan must be flexible.-Explain


A. State in your own words what Little’s Law means. Describe an example that you have observed where little’s Law applies. B. “You don’t inspect quality into a product; you have to build it in.” Discuss the implications of this statement


why u have choosen finance has a specialisation


EOQ formula ? and tell me about that???


A. Describe how outsourcing works. Why would a firm want to outsource? B. What is role of safety stock in an MRP system?


What was the problem and how did it arise?


globlisation of market. merit or demarit


What major issues have arisen?


how does a bank finance working capital


What is basic requirement for Scheduled Bank?


economics is considered as a part of MBA program while history and Gujarati is not why?