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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the adjusting entry for wages posted twice?


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When Trial Balance match?

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What is the Meaning of Current ratio?

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why is TDS treated as an asset while preparing Balance sheet.

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whatis meant by contigent liability


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when does accounts receivable have a credit balance?

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TDS is for claming purpose or for filing purpose.

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what is MNC?

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what is bpo is related wit accounts

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what is bpo what which type process going on this bpo

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what is mba tell me the more benefits in mba


what about case study


what is the definition of derivative, what is a security?

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why closing balance do not come in trial balance?if it is in which case it comes?


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in first puc accountancy book by B.S.Raman there is a lots f definitions for everything so how should i have to study

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Provision of Bad Debts is made in compliance with the convention of -----------


cash sales and credit sales both are asset or liability?


what is the core accounts


What is the Assets & Liabilities?


What is Split And buy-back?


What is functional area,trading partner in sap fico


What will be entry pass in tally if TDS paid by Credit Card.?


who invented acounts?


Whatis new GL & Odd G.L What is the difference between these two.


1. what is debenture? 2.Why company will issue shares? 3. What is audit? 4. What is the role of finance department? 5. What is mutual fund?


Please share different type of Z report


Straight line method to using Indian company names


what are the steps used in UAT in Oracle Apps?


i want the steps involved in the customization for the process order. my situations is if i take the process order for x qty then stores people can issue only x qty not less or not more. how to do this. pls help me


3. You are required to show the effect of each of the following changes on profit and Break-Even-Volume from the information given below: Sales 50,000 units Rs. 5.00 per unit Variable cost Rs. 3.00 per unit Fixed cost Rs. 70,000 Changes: (i) Price changes by 20%. (ii) Volume decreases to 40,000 units. (iii) Variable cost increases to Rs 3.50 per unit. (iv) Fixed cost decreases by 10%.