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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Expand NSDAQ ?

FactSet Systems,

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What is Income Statement ?

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What is the basic difference between pledge, hypothication and mortgage????


What is Inventory Control?

Industries Promotion Officer, Lanco,

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what is exercise duty how to calculate that and how to update in tally


what is the accounting conventions


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What is the contignent liability 2. what is the Break Even Point 3. what is the cash system

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waht is the menaing of accounts payble?

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how to prepare mba finance for interview questions



what is similarites between tata motors and airtel



what is debtors

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what is accouting


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we have send material through air cargo, can we deduct tds

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sir i'm having exp as a HR-Recruiter, now i'm willing to work in other areas of HR.Is learning of accounting courses such as (Payroll mgmt,TDS, service tax, vat, provident fund, gratuity fund, Tally ERP.9 )is necessary? if so, kindly guide me what all accounting courses i need to study to work in other areas of HR. or what are the qualifications required to work in other areas of HR? 2)one of my friend would like to know the job profile for Finance admin..


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Country-Western songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison and trucks. A survey or the local Country-Western radio station produced the following data: 12 songs about a truck driver who is in love while in prison 2 about people in prison who are not in love and do not drive trucks 8 about people who are out of prison, are not in love, and do not drive a truck 13 about a prisoner in love 28 about a person in love 18 about a truck driver in love 16 about truck drivers who are not in prison 3 about a truck driver in prison who is not in love Find the number of songs about: a) How many songs were surveyed? b) truck drivers? c) prisoners? d) truck drivers in prison? e) people not in prison? f) people not in love?


what is payment method?How many payment method we can assign to company code.


What do you define in customizing for the payment program? FBZP (Any 2 Answer) • Bank subaccount ( BANK DETRMINATION SCREEN. ACCOUNTS) • Forms of the payment media ( PAYING COMPANY CODE) • Available amount (BANK DETERMINATION, AMOUNTS) • Assignments for the profit center • Prerequisites for the debit balance check


Do v call director in the partnership firm?


what is portfolio Saint?


What is Purchase Requisition means? Why we used this in MM Module in SAP? what is t.code of it?


What is Trade Recovery Estimate and how can we calculate it?


selling price = shs. 200, variable overhead-selling per unit= shs 80, variable production cost per unit = shs 60, fixed selling cost = 2,840,000. the production capacity of the project is 200,000 units. required P/V ratio, BEP and margin of safety


how can make configration related with electronic bank statment and how can i upload bank statment to system


What is mean by Reserve on Consolidation?


What is the process of VAT & CST Registration?


4. Calculate the following from the particulars given below: i) Material Cost Variance ii) Material Price Variance iii) Material Usage Variance iv) Material Mix Variance v) Material Yield Variance Material Standard Actual Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs. Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs A 50 4 200 40 5 200 B 30 6 180 30 6 180 C 20 3 60 30 3 90 100 440 100 470 Loss 20 ----- 30 ----- 80 440 70 470


Comments Elements in accounting


What will be entry pass in tally if TDS paid by Credit Card.?


Questions asked for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company Subject of group discussions for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company