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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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difference between lease financing and hire purchase

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what are athe accounting principles?

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What is cost accounting?

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DHPL is a small sized firm manufacturing hand tools. It manufacturing plan is situated in Haryana. The company’s sales in the year ending on 31st March 2007 were Rs.1000 million (Rs.100 crore) on an asset base of Rs.650 million. The net profit of the company was Rs.76 million. The management of the company wants to improve profitability further. The required rate of return of the company is 14 percent. The company is currently considering an investment proposal. One is to expand its manufacturing capacity. The estimated cost of the new equipment is Rs.250 million. It is expected to have an economic life of 10 years. The accountant forecasts that net cash inflows would be Rs.45 million per annum for the first three years, Rs.68 million per annum from year four to year eight and for the remaining two years Rs.30million per annum. The plant can be sold for Rs.55 million at the end of its economic life. The company would need to raise debt to the extent of Rs.200 million. The company has the following options of borrowing Rs.200 million: a. The company can borrow funds from a nationalized bank at the interest rate of 14 percent for 10 years. It will be required to pay equal annual installment of interest and repayment of principal. b. A financial institution has offered to lend money to DHPL at 13.5 per annum but it needs to pay equated quarterly installment of interest and repayment of principal. Questions: 1. Should the company expand its capacity? Show the computation of NPV 2. What is the annual installment of bank loan? 3. Calculate the quarterly installments of the Financial Institution loan 4. Should the company borrow from the bank or from the financial institution?


what is assessment? how many types of assessment will be there? and what is the documents and preparations for sales tax, service tax assessments??


Hay I am suresh from Bastar. I was just complete my interview on 29-04-2010 at Raipur. The panel Board asked a questions are

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Weather Closing Stock appears in Trial Balance. If not why and if yes how.

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Please let me know what to answer how long you prepared for SBI exam? if selected your credit goes to whom?


What is letter of credit?

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Can you provide provision for contigent liablites?

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IBM, State Bank Of India SBI,

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Could u show me the sample TDS Document / Template


company office interior work payment paid by MD from his personal a/c what is the entry?

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debit note related to which returns?

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what is brs and why is it perpared?


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which is the combine entry in ERP?


Three steps for correction in BRS?


Raju put labour charges bill for Rs 65000/- You are directed to deduct 5% security deposit and 1.15% TDS from the bill. Pass journal entry for it


what are the uniform public construction cost accounting act procedures?


We can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of the options.Why diluted eps is calculated separatey?


recently release the 6.0 version not succede in the market why?


can payorder be issued for outstation?if yes then how?should it be account payee?


Please explain a Representative Personal Account.


interest paid comes under which head


what is payment method?How many payment method we can assign to company code.


Please do tell me about the questions which are asked at BACS FINAL ROUND.


after directing tally 9 to calculate interest as per 30 day option basis on a loan account.........,it still calculates interest as per calender month when checked on to display>statements of accounts>interest payable in tally 9 ...where is the error?? how to correct the function.


define drawer or maker


What is Inventory Control?


What is the difference between Balance Sheet , Chart Of Accounts and trial Balance?