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What is cost accounting?

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What is cost accounting?..

Answer / h.r. sreepada bhagi

Cost Accounting is a branch of accounting which is related to;

1. Computation or ascertainment of cost of Products & Services.
2. Cost Control.
3. Cost Reduction.

I It involves collection of information & data,
verification, analysis, planning of alternative (better)
method of operations and so on. In other words it's a branch
of accounting which helps & supports the management in
achieving and improving the operating efficiency and improve
the operational results of a company, which will ultimately
result in Profit & wealth maximisation of an organisation.

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What is cost accounting?..

Answer / prasanta kumar jena

The process of identifying and evaluating productions of

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What is cost accounting?..

Answer / digamber rawat

it's basically to find out the cost of any product

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