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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Demat Account is compulsory for share trading as per the law?


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What's the difference between Delivery Challan and Out Gate pass and purpose of using these two formates.

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What was key roles of Cashflow statement and Fund flow statement and Balnsheet..?



impairment & Amortisation Means

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I have SB A/c and in the statement service@10.30% debted by bankers in every month,in which amount they charge@10.30% ?

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What is Merchandising Accounting process


how much percentage of ESI will be deducted in salary?

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How many types of depreciation method do you know? name it.

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What comes under the head SHARE CAPITAL in Liability side . say in proper order.

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what is the difference between liquid asset and fixed asset

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if the balance of the supplies account on January 1 was $500, supplies purchased during the year were $1750, and the supplies on hand at December 31 were $300, the amount for the appropriate adjusting entry at December 31 is?

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The prepaid insurance account has a debit balance of $3600 at the end of the year. If unexpired insurance at the end of the year is $2800, the amount of insurance expense that should be reported on the income statement is?

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Journal entry for cheque issue but not yet realised.


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What is the proces of transfer of goods from one branc at Mumbai to the other jBranch at Ajhmedabad? Clearly state the provisions of the relevant Act?

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WHAT IS Amortisation??

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1.What are the basic accounting Standards ?? 2.What is the main importance of Bank Reconcilation Statement? 3. What is Form 407 in Vat ??


If someone knows about the test pattern of Junior executive accounts than please share.


tell me about a time you had to deal with a conflict between a licensed and unlicensed personnel and how handled the situation?


Which Exchange determine Foreign Exchange/Currency Rate?


Truck # 3 has a list price of 16000. It is acquired in exchange for a computer system that company A caries in its inventory. The computer system cost 12000 and is normally sold by company A for 15200. Pass the journal for the same.


why do you want to work here?


Expand DPCO


example of SOP


Is advance paid wages has credit balance?


Dear all We have purchases the dialer & loger with all equipement for setup new call center from simens ltd. i taken to in our books as plant & machinary under fixed assets .So we want the rate of deprecation. Please answered me .


How can I explain p2p process in SAP?


why the closing stock is not considered in drawing trail balance.... Are there any other items like the above


what is the organisation chart for accounting and finance ?


what is cc limit and what role accountant play to maintain it?


a) What are the Golden Rules of Accounting? What are the 14 Principles of Accounting