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current ratio? asked on 30/7/09

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explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09

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current ratio? asked on 30/7/09

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if you reconsilation is doing at end of the month 31 march. you have question for one amount on 30th march which is the banker said that we do not know about the 30th march entry, the amount deposit and expenses. please come after one week. but u need to complete reconcilation end of march. so, what will you do know?


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Depreciation method to using Indian company names


Straight line method to using Indian company names


input vat and out put vat comes which head?

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what is a difference b/w provision and reserve

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What is Bank Reconcilation statement?

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what is reorder quantity and what is reorder Lavale?

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what is the exise duty and what rs

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What is the name of the first bank in India

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What is the accounting treatment in the hands of reciever of bonus share or share recived due to demerger or share split.

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what are accounting concepts?,what is the use of commerce?,what is accounting conversation?

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distinguish between Bill of Exchange and Promissory Note


explain Dual entry concept


how to download online - old ECR CHALLANS


while i creating a main asset master there is a error called process being terminated? pls send the solution


Tell me the steps for Import and Export Thanks


what are the different causes for discrepencybetween the balance of cash book and pass book




1. what is debenture? 2.Why company will issue shares? 3. What is audit? 4. What is the role of finance department? 5. What is mutual fund?


what is an advance against expenses


Short answer on _______Amendment


what is OTC derivatives and Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) ?


let me know the minimum Accounting Heads in an accounting system


my boss (Managing Partner of a firm) promoted along with his wife a private limited company. he and she spent some Rs. 75,000/- (approx) for the promotion of the company. i know that they usually fall under the head of preliminary expenses. but after receiving the certification of incorporation of the company how shall i repay them to the promoters i.e. what is the accounting entry in the books (initial books of accounts) for the expenditure incurred. they have kept in hand 5,00,000/- each to meet the expenses and they were allotted shares of equal to the amount. can i allot shares for a consideration of cash from and excluding the preliminary expenses. can i take cash towards the share application money (being the cash more than Rs. 20,000/-) as the company has not opened a bank account yet. please give me the detailed answer with journal entries that can be entered in tally. thank you.


You use the accounts approach for parallel valuation in a new G/L system. If you used the ledger approach instead. Which objects would be different? ( any 3 answer) Chart of accounts Financial statement version Depreciation areas Asset classes Leading ledger


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