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Where we show Service Tax Due ( Debit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?



Where we show Service Tax Due ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?


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Where we show Service Tax Receipt ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?

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Where we show Credit Card Account ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?

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Where we transfer loss in Balance Sheet?

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What is BRS? What is the use of BRS

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what in contingent liabilities

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What is Contigent Liability?

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A company is Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange ? will IFRS are mandatory ? if you answer will differ if Subsidary of US based company Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange?


I am going for interview in Cross domain for Finance & Accounts opening. If any one having any question paper or question that might be asked in interview pls send me on my mail id, or here.


How the sub ledgers(AP, AR) integrate with GL liability and receivable


What are the Types of invoices batching? & what is 3 way batch?



can a company libale to pay provident fund on employee's overtime ?

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1. A firm buys stock for $100 by cheque and intends to sell it for $200, so the double entry should be a) Debit bank $100 and credit stock $ 100 b) Credit bank $ 200 and debit stock $ 200 c) Debit purchases $100 and credit sales $ 200 d) Debit purchases $ 100 and credit bank $ 100

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2. Contingent liabilities should be recorded in the books when; a) It is probable that the future events will occur b) The amount of the liability can be reasonable estimated. c) Both (a) and (b) d) Either (a) or (b)

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Short Answer on ______________Import Trade


define bank Draft


different between acconting and elective mathematics


Please share different type of Z report


Process of the settlement cycle?


what is the frienge benefits tax?what is usefull?


Define `Realisation` Account? Explain the salient features?


Transfer nett profit of Rs 325000/- to Reserves and Surplus


why do u want to join bpo sector


Two months rent of Rs 25000/- was adjusted in Rental advance account at the time vacating office


Hi, I am preparing for Junior Accounts Officers test- APTRANSCO. Can any one suggest the model paper / Books available? john kadapa


What is miscellaneous expense and when it is used


Paid vehicle insurance of Rs 12000 on 1-1-2009. Pass entry at the of payment and also create prepaid insurance account


What is wealth maximisation


when apply for ragistred in central excise no