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What is journal

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what is ledger account


Fill in the blank Profits capital

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Fill in the blank Losses Capital

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Fill in the blank Drawings capital

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Restrictions or limitations of members in banking Firms -------other firms

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How to caluculate the value of Corporate Profit, the value of personal savings and the value of indirect tax?


can a real account shows a credit balance

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service tax form no ? What is CC Limit ? What is branch accounts?


What is Fringe benifits tax?

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a trader sold an article for Rs 714/-after allowing discount of 15%.If not allowed discount he would have make 20%profit. If so what will be thwe cost price of the article

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A trader quotes an article as sales price above 30% of its cost price.While selling he allows a discount of 15%.Then what will be the profit percentage on cost price

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Expand A C

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Expand A C H

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Expand A F C

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Short Answer on __________Trade


what is an advance against expenses


What are different types of reports made in tally


I have an S Corporation called Trend Foods Inc. I would like to make a division of that company that services computers and call that Trend Computer Service. I do not want to set up another Corporation for Trend Computer Service. Can I just make a division of Trend Foods and what paperwork do I need to fill out to make that happen? Thanks for the help, Jim


what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated?


whether unsecured loans written off can be transferred directly to capital reserve without crediting it to profit and loss account


what amounts to appropriation of profits? When provision for taxation does not amount to appropriation of profits?


what is the difference between sap and sas?


---------is the main or principle book of accounts


hai everybody... wish u all the best for those who got selected in sbi associate bank is anyone from coimbatore region attending on 27th may 2009.


What is outsider equity and time interest period ratio?


What is a Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account?


what is the use of accounting standards


Hi guys, If anyone have gone through the CAPITAL IQ-Junior Research Associate interview then plz let me know about its pattern..and if anyone hav its placement papers or any other information then plz post to me at


I want to know that if i get call from Mumbai Circle in SBI. what does it mean where will be my posting and my job profile, will i get accomodation from bank or not.